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Assignment writing with just a single click? Yes, it is possible if you are at Aussie Assignment Helper. Our corporate finance assignment help course will let you comprehend the basics of the subject more efficiently and quickly at affordable prices. Before beginning with the assignments, we should examine the basic definition of Corporate finance. The specialisation refers to the company’s capital in terms of structuring, exploring, examining, and strategising according to its present and future requirements. The essential role performed by the corporate finance professionals is to make sure that the institutions fund their business and maximise profits. The overall financial portfolio of the company is reviewed within this subject and aims to enhance the company’s total cash flow as well as its long term and short term financial goals.

Why do students need professional corporate finance tutors? How does corporate finance assignment writing take a massive toll on students? Certainly, assignments are the most efficacious means for students not attending the classes regularly. It helps them rehearse the subjects’ key topics timely before the final assessments. After all, this is one of the primary reasons universities provide such a number of assignments to the students. Our online academic tutors have prepared an outline of the syllabus and the types of questions that are asked in the corporate finance assignments. Still, you will get access to the corporate finance assignment samples and pdfs that can be used to compose an exceptional paper. Let us start!

Topics Asked from Corporate Finance Syllabus

DuPont Analysis: The Du point analysis directs to the active elements of ROE, i.e., Return of equity. Also known as a DuPont model or a DuPont identity is a framework that represents and analyses the core areas of financial performance, focusing on one element at a time to strengthen the primary objectives of an investment strategy. There are several fundamental elements of DuPont analysis like Net Profit Margin, Financial Leverage, and Asset Turnover Ratio. Every element has its own formula and a calculation method that can provide you with a final value that is crucial in terms of performance.

DuPont Analysis=Net Profit Margin × AT× EM

Here, AT is Asset turnover, and EM is Equity multiplier.

Financial Planning Model: FPM, the Financial planning model, refers to a framework to determine all the possible expenditures, anticipated revenues, and the capital needed by the company to operate its upcoming project. The overall analysis of the company’s finances helps the management make an adequate strategy and helps them analyse the company’s overall financial situation. Some examples of financial planning models include:

  • Cash flow model 
  • Net worth model
  • Investment portfolio model
  • Retirement planning model

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (DCF): The analysis conducted by the corporate finance authorities to establish the current cost of the future cash flow of the business. The value of a company’s cash flow, when adjusted according to the time value of money, is termed as the discounted cash flow. There are two methods to estimate the cash flow techniques, including the Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR), that helps management in determining the company’s present and future potential investments. Topics that can be helpful for students while writing the explanations are

  • Free cash flow, Cost of capital and Discount rates
  • Discounted cash flow (DCF) and Net present value (NPV)
  • Sensitivity analysis, Value drivers, and Scenario analysis
  • Break Even analysis, Profitability index, and Valuing Decisions)
  • Profit margins and operating leverage

Return on Investment: In simple terms, ROI, Return on Investment, is a ratio that describes the probable returns on any investment made by the company. The formulae of the ROI can be presented as Net income divided by the Cost of investment or the Investment gain divided by the investment base. The Return on investment procedure is a simple yet effective method to evaluate the company’s financial investments. The acceptability of this concept globally makes sure that the financiers, investors, and stakeholders in the company are aware of the company’s financial status and provides a clear indication of its future strategies. Learning such concepts can be helpful for students in terms of better results in corporate finance assignments. The ROI method can be asked in specific terms like Net income methods, Capital gain methods, Total return methods, and Annualised ROI.

Investment Banking: Investment banking is the core part of corporate finance strategy and its syllabus. Investment banking refers to the act of the financial institutions that act as an intermediate between the investor and the company. The investor can be any individual, organisation, or entity that has money to invest in a particular type of institution that requires capital to grow further or expand its business. M & A advisory, underwriting, negotiation and structuring the merger or acquisition, and raising the capital through the stock market are some of the core works of an investment banking institution. Students who are struggling to understand investment banking concepts can try our corporate finance tutor for further understanding of the subject.

CAPM Capital Asset Pricing Model: The Capital Asset Pricing Model is a promising tool for the corporate financing authorities to showcase the financial market price securities and to analyse the desired returns on the investments made. It also helps in estimating the Risks on the investment. It works on the factors involving certain specific traits of the security market like the competitiveness of the security market and the nature of the market in terms of risk-averse investors and maximum yield from the investments. Multiple topics that our academic tutors cover in our accounting assignment help course are:

  • Debt cost of capital and Project cost of capital.
  • Project Risk analysis and the equity cost of capital.
  • Capital market line and security market line.
  • Beta estimation, Security mispricing, and Market volatility.

Questions Frequently Asked in the Corporate Finance Assignment

Explain the concept of Risks and the Cost of Capital?

Our corporate finance assignment sample clearly demonstrates the importance of covering the entire syllabus and solving as many questions as you can. The relationship between the Risks and the cost of capital is among the most asked questions on this subject. The key concept associated with this subject that will assist you in writing a fantastic answer in a corporate finance assignment includes Risk-free rate and Premium for risk. Also, students search for how risk affects the cost of capital, the valuation of Net cash flow (risky), identifying the types of risk (maturity risk, market risk, company-specific risk, and liquidity and marketability risk), etc., the formula that assists professionals to estimate the cost of capital relationship is:

E(Ri)+ Rf + RPi


  • E(R)= Expected return of assets i.
  • RPi = Risk premium for asset i.
  • Rf = Risk-free rate.

Explain in brief the Corporate Capital Structure?

The capital structure directs to a particular mix of equity and debt suitable for the company’s operations and assets. Corporate capital structure elements involve secured bonds, unsecured bonds, exchangeable and subordinated debt, preferred stocks, and common stocks. However, the corporate capital structure of a company can be divided into long term debt, i.e., bonds, common stocks, and preferred stocks. Every business has its own strategies regarding the capital structure to bring up its capital strategy, and this involves multiple concepts related to debt financing, retaining ownership, and higher returns. However, such concepts are not that painless to learn in one go. Usually, students need somebody who can direct them and promote them to understand the overall attributes associated with the topic. Corporate finance assignment writing will be more interesting if you are at Aussie assignment helper.

What Problems Do Students Face While Writing a Corporate Finance Assignment?

Not getting the basics right: According to our experts, students usually are habitual of skipping important lectures and miss some of the most crucial concepts associated with the subject. However, we have a solution for this too. Many valid reasons prohibit students from attending regular classes, and we understand this. Taking online corporate finance assignment help from our academic teaching experts will let you fill all the gaps restricting you from scoring well in the exams. You can try experienced guidance from experts at Aussie assignment helper.

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Making hundreds of mistakes: Do you check your assignments for grammatical mistakes? If not, then you must read this. The complete process of examining the content for grammatical mistakes, writing tones, and writing styles are known as proofreading. Trainees studying abroad usually face a language barrier and are not aware of the basics of checking grammatical errors. However, our professional proofreaders are always available at your service. All you must do is upload your assignment to the official portal and get all your files checked by the professionals. You can also consider taking writing guidance from them.

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