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Management of money in any form is considered as the most straightforward definition of finance. It includes activities like borrowing, budgeting, investing, lending, and capital saving. Students enrolled in this discipline need an in-depth study of issues like cash flow and its types, interest rates, yields, and financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement). It is clear that the contemporary economy is suffering a major lapse, and for sustaining in this competitive world, companies must focus on their finances. The need for finance professionals and specialists can never fade away in the near future. However, one thing matters for trainees registered in finance, i.e., assignments.

Writing Assignments, especially in finance, is a tiresome job for scholars enrolled in their graduation courses. Finance assignment help provided by the educational institutes do cover various topics having practical and applied significance. Definitely, this stands as the sole rationale behind providing a lot of assignments to the students. Documenting a number of projects on a regular basis generates a quality of research and practice among the students. It is obvious that writing assignments, particularly a fantastic piece of work, need a lot of research and investigation on the topics asked in the assignments. We can recognise the level of effort and hard work that students pitch in for creating an exceptional paper. Aussie assignment helper can make this task effortless for you. Our expert direction offered at various critical levels of assignment writing can help you in submitting a pro-level paper to your instructors. Students end up getting compromised content when they search for do my finance assignment experts, but for sure, we are not one of them providing tailor-made assignments to the students. 

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Repeatedly Asked Topics In Finance Assignments:

Exchange rate theories: How many euros does it take to purchase N number of US dollars? Indeed, this depends on the exchange rate. The Exchange rate is like a fixed equation that fixes the worth of one nation’s currency while trading it from the currency of another nation. There are two types of exchange rates: Free-floating and Fixed exchange rates. Different topics that are crucial for comprehending this issue more efficiently like: 

  • Spot Rate
  • Foreign Exchange Markets
  • Monetary Policy
  • Interest Rates
  • Purchasing Power Parity
  • Volatility
  • Exchange Rate Regime

Monetary and Fiscal Policy: The government’s spending policies that make a considerable impact on the macroeconomic conditions are considered under the fiscal policy. Like in the case of Australia, our fiscal policies are widely inspired by the views of JM Keynes. Whereas the actions of central banks and various regulatory boards accountable for determining the cash flow within the country, deciding the interest rates, and increasing or decreasing the money flow are considered a part of countries of monetary policy. Some topics and queries that may appear in your assessment paper are provided here: 

  • Comparing the monetary and fiscal policies of the state.
  • Explain in brief the money creation process. 
  • Fischer effect.
  • Significance of central bank in changing the monetary equations for the country. 
  • Monetary transmission mechanism. 

Cash and Liquidity Management: For having a clear insight into a company’s cash inflow and outflow to make a precise financial strategy that can protect the financial soundness of the company. It involves various processes like cash positioning, reconciliation, cash prediction, inhouse banking, creating journal entries for bank transactions, etc.  

  • Releasing working capital
  • Extracting liquidity from working capital 
  • Managing collection of credit
  • Releasing trapped cash 
  • Assessing various impacts like seasonal surge in sales.

Behavioural Finance and Corporate Finance: Studying the psychological influences on market outcomes is the primary concern of behavioural finance. Corporate finance is a field under finance that deals with generating capital for businesses and their sources. Well, there is a lot more to discuss in corporate finance like Capital budgeting, Capital sources, Payback period, Self-generation of capital, External funding sources, Profitability, Capital outlay, and the Degree of uncertainty.

Topics that are crucial for understanding the behavioural finance assignments.  

  • Herd behaviour 
  • Anchoring
  • Emotional gap
  • Mental accounting 
  • Self-attribution
  • Understanding biases in behavioural finance (confirmational, experimental, loss aversion, and familiarity bias)

Credit and Inventory Management: Credit and inventory management refers to the process of ordering, holding, utilising, and selling a company’s inventory. It also regulates the technique of record maintenance of the raw material and its processing as well as finished products and warehousing. However, various topics need to be given adequate focus like 

  • Methods of inventory management Just-in-time (JIT) method and Material requirement planning (MRP).
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)               
  • Inventory management system
  • First-in-first-out (FIFO) and Last-in-last out (LILO) 
  • Days sales of inventory (DSI)
  • Economic Order Quantity (EQQ)

Activity-Based Costing and Overhead Cost: The method that is used to assign overhead costs and indirect costs to products or services offered by the company is known as the ABS system or Activity-based costing system. It starts with determining all the activities that are essential for creating a product. You must understand such issues as Unit-level activity, Batch-level activity, Customer-level activity, Methods of calculating followed in the ABC system, identifying different types of costs associated with the product like maintenance, machine setup, production, purchase order, and inspecting quality. 

Personal Finance: Maintaining an individual’s income and making ideal financial decisions that must include issues like budgeting, retirement planning, investments, and calculating a net worth come under personal finance. The critical areas associated with personal finance are Investing, Savings, Expenditure, Earnings, and Investing.  

  • Developing financial goals and creating a rough draft.
  • Understanding risks (Income Risk, Interest Rate Risk, Inflation Risk, Liquidity Risk, and Personal Risk)
  • Types of Financial goals (Short term goals, Long term goals, and Intermediate-term goals) 
  • Factors associated with personal finance (Economic conditions, Consumer spending, Global influences, etc.) 

Questions Usually Asked in Finance Assignments:

  • Ethical concerns that are related to corporate finance?
  • Effects of electronic banking on customer satisfaction?
  • What additional items other than your initial earnings from your salary can be taxed?
  • Difference between a secured and unsecured loan?

The Influence of Financial Development on Economic Growth?

Questions provided here are the best means to check the level of understanding and students’ familiarity with the fundamentals of the subject. Apart from the derivations asked in the assignments, students can focus more on practising theoretical questions, which form a considerable part of the paper. The impact of financial development on economic growth needs an in-depth coverage of the issue related to financial development and the macroeconomic variables. Different sources are available on the internet and in references books that provide empirical evidence on this topic. the explanation must provide for a balanced view that must include topics like:

  • Graphical analysis method 
  • VAR and Grangers Causality Test 
  • OLS 
  • Johansen cointegration technique, etc.

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