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Why is MYOB considered formidable to interpret and learn, or why do a huge number of students seek MYOB Assignment Help? The following article can help you with some of the most important topics and pointers in MYOB.

MYOB, which apparently abbreviates for mind your own business, is an Australian accounting software company that specialises in Australian bookkeeping and taxation. MYOB has a lot to offer to all kinds of individuals and can be used by students and professionals. The main aim of MYOB software is to help people not lose any kind of financial records irrespective of any kind of fault in the system or severe technical issues. It promotes usage and account handling even when there is no internet access available to the users. It has a range of features like creating budgets for businesses, offering services to all kinds of businesses from a sole trader to large companies, management of multiple currencies to provide ease to the users, tracking the duration of jobs and the invoices, sending the invoice, GST, PAYG and BAS report creation etc. there are many tasks related to bookkeeping and accounting that the companies are supposed to accomplish for which MYOB is the best option as it has over 300 add on packages hat can easily integrate systems that are required to run a certain business.

Redundantly Asked Topics in MYOB Perdisco Assignment

Asset management: Accounting management in MYOB is one of the top-rated asset management and depreciation solution available for businesses. Asset management primarily includes the tracking and managing of assets, depreciation, transactions related to assets, asset accounting and reporting, etc. These are some of the most prevalent and required activities to be carried out by the accountants and the businesses. The assets in organisations play a critical role, and all kinds of activities related to an organisation’s assets shall be thoroughly carried out. MYOB helps in reporting of assets, real-time asset accounting and defining the prime cots, diminishing value that is non-depreciable and the private usage etc.

Weighted average method: The weighted average method is used by individuals to assign an average manufacturing cost of an item. In accounting, it assigns an average cost to every piece of inventory when sold in the year. Many retailers and fuel companies use the weighted average method as it does not require any track of individual units; instead, it permits the user to assign an average cost to each unit.

Bank reconciliation: A bank reconciliation is a statement that is mainly used to explain the references between the cash balance in a company accounting ledger and the bank statement balance. The bank reconciliation statement can help an organisation prevent fraud and misappropriation of the company funds. Bank reconciliation is considered an essential process in accounting as organisations match their bank statements with the transactions that are thoroughly recorded in the organisation’s general ledger.

Cash flow analysis: Cash flow analysis is a measure of how much cash is generated and spent by a business in a particular period. The cash flow is an essential part of cash flow analysis as it can be compared and measured; it cannot be faked and is universally accepted as a store of value. The cash flow analysis focuses on the cash inflow and outflow. The cash flow analysis is fundamental like an income statement, as it would be very challenging to analyse the accurate picture of the company’s performance without a cash flow analysis.

Debtor management: Debtor management is an objective of a company where it is used to minimise the time between invoice issuing and payment collection. Four major decisions are supposed to be made in debtor management: whether credit shall be provided to the customers, which customers should the credit be given? What is the credit period in terms of customers, and what is the maximum amount of credit that shall be allotted to a customer at a given period of time.

Inventory management: Inventory management in accounting helps the companies identify which stock and how much of it has to be ordered at a particular period of time. This practice responds and identifies the trends for ensuring that there is always enough stock to meet the customers’ requirements in all types of circumstances. MYOB helps the organisation manage inventory to an extent where the organisations do not really need to keep updating the coordinates every now and then.

Purchase ledger: A purchase ledger is a document wherein all the accounting transactions related to the company’s purchase are recorded. It shows the lists of purchases with the amount that the company has paid to its supplier or the amount that is due to the supplier. The purchase ledger is a breakdown of the purchase invoice that the organisation is supposed to receive from the suppliers.

Frequent MYOB Accounting Assignment Questions

What is meant by an aged payable report?

An aged payable report is the absolute opposite of an aged accounts receivable report. The aged payable report permits the user to view the balances owed by the organisation to the other organisations like the supplies, inventory received etc. An aged payable report is a useful tool as it provides glance visibility into the company’s debts. It also helps the company create a strategic plan to meet its obligations and maintain a professional and friendly supplier relationship.

What is cashbook management?

The organisations use a cashbook to record receipts and payments of the cash. This usually works as a book of the original entry along with the ledger account. All the entries related to the receipt and the cash payment are recorded first in the cash book and then in other relevant ledger accounts. The cash book management includes the management of all these transactions accurately in a manner that is easily accessible by the finance and other departments in an organisation. There are mainly four types of cashbooks, namely the single column, double column, triple column, and the petty cash book.

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