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Are you doing well with your personal finance assignment? Are you seeing someone who can help you in learning personal finance topics? You have landed at the right place. Well, this can be discussed later. Let us get started with the basics of the subject. One thing that we can guarantee you is skilled assistance essentially at all the stages of the assignment writing. Apart from the definition, we have tried to structure the content and make it more informative for you. Personal finance, as per the definition, refers to the management, assessment, and budgeting individual’s earnings and expenditures. Personal finance as a subject deal with banking, making savings and investing plans, retirement plans, insurance, estate planning, and many more topics. It focuses more on developing and timely accomplishing some of the best investment plans and achieving financial goals as soon as possible. However, students learning personal finance are aware of the fact that it needs an exceptional understanding of the subject to write a top-rated assignment.  

Assignments in personal finance are certainly not that easy for students if they are not aware of the syllabus. Writing assignments take a lot of time and effort. Also, we have recognised that students in the contemporary academic scenario are following a unidirectional approach and shortcuts to fetch exceptional scores in the assignment section. Well, this defeats the overall purpose of providing assignments to the students. We can offer you something better than this. Professional tutors at Aussie assignment helper are acquainted with the importance of learning, and they provide you with nothing more than that. Here we offer you the best in the class learning experience and focus on concept building. For now, we have penned down some of the most asked questions and topics that will assist you in getting the range of the course module. Definitely, if you want to know more about our personal finance homework help, you can raise a query at any time. 

Scared of Personal Finance Assignments? Have a Look at the Topics Usually Asked by Universities

Budgeting: Budgeting is a ubiquitous term used to manage finances at various levels. In personal finance, budgeting refers to devising a well-drafted spending plan based on an individual’s earnings and expenditures. Following the budgeting procedure can be beneficial for the financial stability of an individual. Also, it provides a basic assessment of the upcoming expenditure and earnings a person will accomplish in a specific period. Budgeting plays an essential role in personal finance and helps in deciding a solid short-term as well as a long-term plan, ensuring financial security. Some of the basic budgeting methods are given below: 

  • Incremental method 
  • Activity-based method 
  • Value proposition method 
  • Zero-based method
  • Negotiated budgeting
  • Participative budgeting 
  • Imposed budgeting 

Insurance: Insurance is a sort of agreement with the insurance provider supported by a structured plan, where the party can claim for reimbursement or financial protection against the occurred losses. Insurance in personal finance is utilised as an instrument to secure an individual’s economic security and strengthen their financial portfolio. Topics that need to be focused upon while learning insurance is Policy limit, Premium, Deductible, Special considerations, Types of insurance, etc.  

Retirement planning: Ensuring better financial stability is the best thing professionals do while learning a personal finance course. Retirement planning is one of the core elements while preparing a well-structured personal finance strategy. Studying Risk tolerance, Controlling costs, Cash liquidity preference, and deciding a timeframe can be crucial for students to write a well-illustrated answer in the assignment. Various core topics that are linked to retirement planning are: 

  • Understanding future trends in income, expenses, life expectancy, and liabilities.
  • Deciding a researched plan for an individual.
  • Types of investments (stocks, properties, real estate, bonds, etc.)
  • Types of investment plans (employer-sponsor plans, long-term planning, short-term planning, IRA, etc.)
  • Tax-advantaged retirement savings accounts and Stages of Retirement Planning.

Estate planning: Estate planning includes aspects that are crucial in planning a person’s properties and the methods for preserving, managing, and distributing them after his death. Estate planning is the best way to safeguard an individual’s hard-earned money to gain maximum benefit. Topics that can be crucial while studying an estate plan are Advanced healthcare directive, applicable exemption amount, Ascertainable standard, Augmented Estate, Community property state, conservator, etc.    

Accounting and financial statements: Accounting refers to recording financial transactions made by a person in the case of personal finance to ensure the financial health of an individual. There are three types of financial statements, including statements of related earnings, income statements, and balance sheets. While referring to an individual’s personal finance, his incomes, expenses and other transactions are studied to assess the overall cash flow. It is clear that maintaining a flow and quality while writing an assignment is a difficult task. Still, we can bet on the guidance offered by our online assignment experts, specifically in terms of quality. 

Wealth management: Personal finance is all about evolving professional solutions to the problems that restrict you from attaining financial freedom. Wealth management is a procedure of evaluating one’s financial goals and making a strategic plan to achieve them in a gradual manner. Students need to have comprehensive knowledge about the topics like Superannuation, Financial planning, developing a portfolio of investments made, Calculating expected returns on the assets, Aged care advice, Retirement and Estate Planning, Personal insurance, etc.

Sample Questions Asked in Personal Finance Assignments

Explain the core components of personal finance? 

Maintaining a healthy financial balance for securing a sound financial future is a gradual and slow process. Personal finance professionals are adequately trained in drafting a plan that can focus on investment and retirements. The core component of personal finance is Income, Spending, Savings, Investing, and Protection. Apart from that, various key characteristics that can be effective in maintaining a healthy personal finance strategy include:

  • Wealth management and budgeting.
  • Comparing interest rates and learning other personal finance principles.
  • Understanding key terms related to investments (annuities, bonds, mutual funds, life insurance, and stocks).
  • Risk management and retirement planning, etc. 
  • Analysing the cash flow status.
  • Assessing different sources of income (salaries, wages, pensions, dividends, and bonuses).

Goals and objectives while planning a personal finance strategy? 

Questions like explaining the goals, defining the aim, and describing XYZ’s purpose actually demand a highly disciplined approach. Writing an answer that tries to explain the purpose or objectives of a personal finance strategy needs an in-depth understanding of the subject. For this question, the best approach is to start by explaining the personal finance, tools to devise a perfect personal finance strategy and ending the answer with a detailed matter describing the goals and objectives of the personal-finance strategy. For documenting the best and definitive explanation to such questions, learners must include topics like: 

  • Types of financial goals (short-term, mid-term, and long-term).
  • The objectives of personal finance must consist of more realistic and conclusive elements.
  • Emergency funds (for medical, adverse events, etc.).
  • Estate and investment planning.
  • Strategies to save more and spend less.

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