Business Law Case Study Examples

Business Law Case Study

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We have already heard that different laws are the only things that keep all humans from becoming untamed and furious because justice and equality are the only strong pillars of human civilization and help maintain peace in a country. This is why the phrase “law and order” is familiar worldwide. However, a business law case study helps provide guidance and support to a student for attempting a career in law. Laws are multicultural parts of human civilization, which provides people with a sense of security, and offers a framework for the society to function. 

Students need business law case study help because the subject of law demands a lot of reading and learning, and they need to pass various tests and assignments during the course. Moreover, students undergo infinite pressure while mastering all the laws and acts of different law topics such as criminal law, property law, taxation law, constitutional law and many more. But the techniques and methods followed by the law colleges are pretty challenging. 

A law course is a subject which does not involve calculation or arithmetics, so students are mostly graded based on their knowledge, skills, and retention. And to perfect all these students are required to go through different kinds of case studies and judicial opinions, which need constant reading and preparation for classes. However, the preparation is done by the students by doing multiple hours of reading and analyzing different case studies to understand the minute details of the case. This method of law teaching is known as a case study. For some students writing an assignment or any other academic paper like a thesis statement or research paper is difficult. For such academic writing, they look for an assignment helper, so we can understand that a case study assignment is much more challenging for them.

Moreover, to relieve academic pressure, students look for platforms for guidance and support in their case study writing help. We at Aussie Assignment Helper assist with different academic papers, understand the university guidelines better and help students according to that.

What Is A Business Law Case Study?

Business law is a subject that essentially comprises all the topics related to financing law, consumer law, construction law, and international and commercial law that information about the laws to be accepted to run a company. However, business law practices help understand the rules and procedures established at the initial management level. Moreover, these law practices are also necessary to understand acquiring and distributing products and services and closing operations. Business operations are related to nation, state and administrative laws that require professional advice that falls within the business law. 

This is an essential aspect in the lives of every student who is pursuing any law course. Coming back to a business law case study, in simple terms, it can be explained as a case study conducted on a case that has already been concluded. A business law case study or a company law case study is a self-learning tool that allows law students to understand how legal proceedings are handled. Moreover, in this way, they can better understand the rules used to present the argument in a court of law. 

Moreover, students are also required to go through many cases as a part of their syllabus and are also required to provide their opinion as a personal reflection or summarize a different case through their perspective, which is used to analyze their understanding of the various aspects of the law. The business law case study helps students present a case study analysis to score good grades skillfully. 

The business law case study requires students to learn different industry legislations and statutes. Which needs a significant amount of effort and skill, which many students lack, and that is why they search for such platforms that can provide them case study writing help to complete the academic assignment and score the best grades. Aussie assignment helper is the perfect platform for those needing guidance and helps to complete their assignment. In this article, we will discuss some critical aspects related to the business law case study.

Essential Areas Of Business Law Case Study:

In any academic paper, it is essential to include all the necessary factors and aspects related to the topic. Here we will mention some of the critical areas of business law.

Contract Law-

A contract is a legally confining document that acknowledges and administers the duties and responsibilities of the contracting parties. A contract is enforced by law as it meets the criteria and the constitutions authorization. However, generally, a contract includes exchanging goods, services, commitments, and assets to deliver any of these. 

A contract is a transaction between two parties that a party can actively seek to uphold before a court. The body of law regulates contract development, enforcement, and incorporation of a proper solution in case of any violation. Those who conduct business transactions use contract law to make the parties involved meet their obligations. Contractual agreements are used for buying and selling goods, licensing products, employment insurance, and much more; the consumer and business use this agreement. 

While attempting business law case studies on contracts, students need to put extra effort because contract law is widely used in the industry and involves various situations. 

Property Law-

Property law is associated with patent law, which covers the defence of ideas and ownership of assets. The law focuses more on preserving and enforcing property rights by defending the owner. The law authorizes the designer to have the patent application asserted and maintained before any legal dispute. The property law also sanctions the proprietors for developing and implementing mandatory policies. 

Students planning to make a future in this field must be well-informed about the constitutional laws and policies. In addition, they should know the different branches covered under the law subject. However, as a student, it is sometimes impossible to understand all this to the point, which is why they need a platform like Aussie assignment helper that can assist them in business law case studies with solutions

Taxation Law-

Taxation law demands that legal proceedings, legislation, and protocols be enforced according to the taxation act. It includes calculating tax rates for accommodations, imported goods and taxation for exported goods and various other types of taxes. The taxation law helps to establish how the taxes will be imposed on an organization and also helps to determine the tax rate applicable for different transactions. In addition, the taxation law mandates that a country’s taxing framework should be carefully evaluated and operated to identify relevant legislation concerning the situation. 

The taxation law has become a common requirement of the modern corporate world, as it helps in the proper functioning of the government. Moreover, students learning law need assignment help in taxation law and contract law case studies with solutions.

What Are Case Studies Used For?

Business law case studies can be used to manifest, identify or investigate the occurrence of events in academic terms. For example, it may help clarify casual connections and revelations from a new policy change. Dissimilar to traditional approaches that aim to test a specific hypothesis by manipulating the test conditions, the technique used in a business law case study makes it easier to uphold the details on more explanatory how, what, and why questions. Moreover, the business law case study method can help to offer deeper information on how gaps exist in its completion or why a specific operational plan could be selected over another. 

However, case studies can be conducted differently based on a student’s point of view, whether they can take an analytical or an optimistic approach. However, in any case, study assignment, it is essential to focus more on the strategy of collecting data. For example, students can effectively develop an analytical, reflective point of view while conducting observational case studies. The primary purpose of getting business case study help is to explore new domains while conducting a new analysis process. At the same time, collecting information, partnering with different authors, reviewing the information and presenting the contents of your document. Moreover, the case study writing assignment requires much more effort and time.

Business Law Case Study Examples:

Here are some business case study questions and answers that can help you to understand better how to write a case study and what examples you need to include in your case study. 

  • X and Y are friends. Y treats X during X’s illness but does not accept payment from X for the treatment, and X promises Y’s son Z to pay him $1,000. X, being poor, is unable to pay. Z sues X for the money; can Z recover?

Answer: The given case is under the consideration chapter, where the agreement between Z and X is not mentioned in the contract in the absence of consideration. The agreement can be called a contract if there is consent present in the contract between 2 people. In this case, Y treats X during his illness, but it is not a valid consideration as Y takes voluntary action. 

Judgment: The agreement between Z and X is not a contract without consideration. In such a case, Z’s father Y willingly treats X during his illness. It is not a valid consideration because a valid consideration must be provided at the desire of the promisor under section 2 (D). Suppose it is a promise to compensate a person who has voluntarily owned something from the promisor as an expectation. In that case, the promisor must compensate a person who has done himself from the promisor and not a person who has done nothing to the promisor as the son Z to whom the promisor was made did nothing for X. Hence, X’s promise is not enforceable even under the exception. 

Therefore Z cannot recover money from X. 

  •  X, who needs money, draws his bill to Y, who accepts it. Does X endorse that bill to Z, who gets set for valuable consideration? Is Y liable to pay Z?

Answer: The mentioned case is under the chapter of negotiation, which means promissory notes, bill of exchange or cheque payable to order or bearer. 

Judgment: Value consideration refers to necessary elements of a contract which argue a benefit to the other party. However, it can also include an act’s money, performance, work, assets, and promises.

Here the bill is approved by X to Z. That means X transfers the bill to Z, and X is free from the liability of Z as he transfers the bill to Z by considering the value of the bill, which he has to repay Z. Here, Z accepts the bill in good faith without negligence. Therefore the liability of Y is chargeable as Z is the bill holder. Therefore Y is liable to pay Z.

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