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In colleges, students are asked to submit assignments on different topics and subjects. However, like other assignments, case study assignments are not so easy to write. A case study’s format and structure differ from other academic papers, and you need to grasp proper and deep knowledge of writing its assignment. A case study assignment is a research method for developing a specific group, individual and situation over a certain period. The research for the case study is conducted according to the facts and requirements, which makes it challenging to make assignments on it. Therefore, case study writing helps a student analyze any activity’s causes and effects by developing its image. However, case study assignments are not easy tasks, and they can become even more difficult for students who are not experts in writing case studies. It is so because the assignment demands in-depth research, analysis, proper organization and sufficient data. Students must submit such assignments throughout their study period, which becomes hectic. Assignments require a lot of time, skills, and awareness. That is why students search for case study writing help.

Students need assignment help because they are unsure of the appropriate sources for obtaining relevant information. Moreover, university guidelines are also strict regarding the assignment formats and structures, which creates a lot of pressure and results in a tiring day in a student’s life. Therefore, to make the best assignment submissions, students look for
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What Is A Case Study?

A case study includes two concepts- the first is the word case which means an incident, event, program, procedure, or activity involving a single individual or numerous individuals. Second is the word study which means the margins of the case that includes the time and geographical location of the case. Moreover, other things comprise the case study, and they are various sources of data used in a case study, including almost every kind of qualitative data like interviews, documentation, artefacts, and annotations. Generally, there are three types of case studies-

  • Single instrumental case study-

In this case study, the researcher focuses on a matter and then chooses a bounded case to clarify the issue.

  • Multiple case studies-

Though, this is similar to the above case study because in this also, the researcher focuses on the concern. The only difference is that the researcher has several bounded cases to depict the concern. 

  • Intrinsic case study-

This type of case study is entirely different from the above two. An intrinsic case study is about a case itself; the researcher studies a unique case.

When you do a detailed study about an individual, group of individuals, or simply an issue, it is known as a case study. The researcher does in-depth research about the data developing a specific event. However, you have to be careful while writing your case study assignment. Every academic paper should conclude to give a reader a summary review of your topic. Moreover, you will need to spend time and research to look for useful topics and content for your case study assignment. Although a case study can be written on any specific subject, such as in the medical field, there are different topics of case studies for nursing students. 

How To Write A Structure of A Case Study Assignment?

Below we have mentioned the case study writing format, which will help explain how you should write your case study assignment. Your assignment should include the following headings-


For your assignment, you must select a topic on which you can conduct proper research and gather all the relevant information. 


If you are writing a management case study, then your introduction part should provide the purpose of your case study. You should always provide a general idea of the company, individual or the subject on which you are doing the study. 


Always define the theory of your study, which examines the issues, causes and characteristics of your study.

Identified solutions-

You must always provide evidence to support your argument and explain your study’s problems. However, you must provide the solution keeping in mind the outlines of all your problems. 

Relevant theories-

You must highlight the critical points you mention in your assignment explaining the case if you are attempting a case study on a specific subject like a strategic management case study. Then it should be engaging for the readers, and you must end your topic with some points for conversation. 


In this part, you should always include suggestions in your assignment. Also, it would help if you made sure that whatever events or stories you use in your case study assignment should be correct and convincing. 

Reference and Citation-

Finally, do not forget to mention a list of all the references from which you have gathered information and also provide dependable sources.


Mention all the essential data related to your assignment under the appendices section. Sometimes, appendices can comprise a test for the reader to evaluate their understanding of the topic.

Although writing a case study assignment is challenging for students, many are unable to attempt it, so they look for instant assignment help from various online platforms. Our team of experts who are experienced professionals offers the best assignment help in Australia. Moreover, students who cannot find the topic alone can contact us for assistance. 

How To Write Case Study Assignment?

Follow the below tips if you want to write a quality case study assignment. 

Take your time to read through the case study and the questions-

Read the situation carefully and highlight the case’s key points and any problems you can identify. Moreover, it would be best to define your study area without going through specific details so you can summarize the case study’s problems and results. Read the question and understand what the demand is. Now, reread the case and connect the details essential to some of the questions you are asking. 

Conclude the case study’s problem-

Generally, case studies look for a condition in a specific particular area. Moreover, they also entail a large group of people in difficult situations. They will also feature a problematic scenario to argue with because of how it is handled or its difficulty. Analyzing the situation and identifying the challenges mentioned in the case that may annoy is a vital part of the response. 

Connect the link between theory and its application-

To summarise the critical difficulties, you must find alternatives to the significant challenges. You will need to identify and determine the benefits and drawbacks. In addition, it is necessary to assess what was done correctly and other technical documentation and behaviours. 

Make a strategy-

Ultimately, the most vital thing to you is your assignment grades. So keeping that in mind, draft your case study assignment with proper formatting and structure and follow the guidelines. 

Start developing the answers to your case-

If you are writing a project management case study, then start with an introduction which must be clear to the reader; your intro part should be able to give an idea of your case study topic and also explains the methods you are using to prove your argument. You should explain your case in the paragraph section, which is the main body of your assignment. You must provide an approach to the problem, clarify the hypothesis for the suggested solution, support it with evidence, and offer essential theoretical principles in addition to the research findings. To compile, a case study is among the best ways to understand what happened to an individual, community, or circumstance in reality. It provides a closer look at real word issues. 

Proofread and edit-

When you complete your case study assignment, the final step is to proofread and edit your assignment before submitting it. You must ensure that you have answered all the questions and that all your answers are supported by relevant literature. Also, check for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other minor errors. 

Some Interesting Case Study Assignment Topics:

You can write a case study on various topics and subjects below, and we have suggested some of the best and most exciting topics. Moreover, you can get instant assignment help from the Aussie assignment helper on the below topics. 

  • Any subject under the management field like product management case study assignment. 
  • Finance case study assignment.
  • Marketing case study assignment.
  • History case study assignment.
  • Human resource management case study assignment.
  • Business law case study assignment.
  • Art and architecture case study assignment.
  • Language case study assignment.
  • Technical case study assignment.

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