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How to Write a Case Study Assignment: New Student Guide

The case study assignments are often given to finish at universities and college students in Australia and the entire world. It is offered to every stream and subject student. The management students at the different business schools also give the case study assignments.

A case study is provided to the students to trade with and discover an explanation for any fixed concern related to any drive or topic. These are given to strain the analytical talents of the students. Responses and answers to the case study assignments are subject-specific. The three significant subjects covered in the case studies are given-management, nursing and law.

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What Do You Understand By Case Study Assignment Writing Service

Most of the students feel stuck while finishing the case study assignment. A case study seems to be very tricky as it holds the analysis of an individual scenario that contains different perceptions; that’s why there are various types of case study assignment sample available on the internet and market as well.  

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What Are The Major Types Of Case Studies

The goal of a case study is to deliver detailed news of any institution, a person, or any type of event and pretty much anything. There are the top three types of case studies, but those types depend on the topic. The following are the most typical domains where case studies are required:

  • Single Instrumental Case Studies: A case study for a single instrumental case study, the researcher mainly concentrates on the trouble that has occurred and then selects a case for displaying the particular problem or concern.
  • Multiple or Collective Case Studies: The collaborative case is identical to the instrumental case study as the researcher essentially focuses on the concern and chooses several chances to show it. Thier research has decided the significant difference between these two on many points to complete the matter. 
  • Intrinsic Case Study: This type is a little different from collective and single instrumental studies. Here the student talks about the case and tries to examine it from all viewpoints, then examines all the individual contexts that glance at the issue.

How to Write a Case Study: A Breakdown of the Requirements

It doesn’t seem easy when it comes to assignment helper or writing an assignment by simply following the given steps to start your case study. 

Identify the Problem: Jot down briefly in your own terms what the case study problem or problems are. For Example, a business plan case study assignment concern may be about how an enterprise can appeal to eastern markets, or a nursing case study assignment may relate to the problem of kid obesity.

Consider the Root Source: Always try to find the causes of concern, why you are doing this case study, and its primary purpose. For Example, obesity in a child will mainly occur to inactivity and an un-proper diet.

Complete an Outline: Decide upon 4-5 relevant main matters that you want to make, e.g., (point one) child obesity is increasing globally, (point two) children favor junk food over home-cooked meals and fruit and vegetables (point three) child inactivity is growing due to technological advancements and the recent pandemic. Every moment will be formed into a paragraph or two when the case study assignment is written in full with sustaining evidence like quotes, facts, and statistics.

Conceivable Solutions: Note down some potential solutions to the issue or situation. Increased residential homes for children, physical education lessons in schools, and children’s neighborhoods like: 

  • Free physical sports for children in residents
  • Free community healthy eating schedules for children and their parents by offering them fresh fruit and vegetable subsidies.
  • Changes in the menu at schools, children’s hospital wards, and children’s residential houses.

How to Structure or format a Case Study Assignment Appropriately

Once you have identified your strategy (as defined above), you can begin writing. Remember, you do not always have to register a section in order; they should be well-defined and presented. It will be best to start with the main body(foremost the background, then the explanations followed by the immediate answer/solution), then write the suggestions/conclusion, and finally write the preface. The order you draft your case study assignment can cause it more accessible as the finding provides a summary of the project and the opening maps out the project; they are both more manageable to note after the significant sections are finished.

Introduction: Start with the clear thesis statement in only 2-3 sentences, then explain the matter of the concern; Prefaces move from general to more specific information to raise your topic. You should always provide a general idea of the company, individual, or the subject on which you are doing the study or to whom you are alluding to in your case study. You should always provide the purpose of your case study.

Background:  Describe appropriate concerns and facts through comprehensive issues research using reliable sources of knowledge, e.g., scholarly articles, research papers, academic journals, etc.

A.) Describe primary background data talk about the company or a person, a group of people or an event. 

 B.) Explain the pros and cons of the issue, describe the significance and why it is relevant for you and society. 

 C.) Set your research method and examine your strategies and objectives.

Solutions: Evaluating each solution’s advantages and disadvantages will offer you the best outline solutions with viable explanations. Set your theory and hypothesis to feel free to create assumptions and use analytical techniques.

Analytical Findings:  By providing the summary of the findings, you can take the help from bullet points to discuss your conclusions. You can also comprise ideas from texts, lectures, and class discussions, perhaps your own thoughts to back your offered solution. Explain which you consider to be the best solution and explain this option with endowing evidence.

Recommendations/conclusion: Try to give all the explanations when your proposed solution should be involved and how it will decode or facilitate the issue or issue with supporting approaches. Endure in mind that educational establishment conditions can vary wildly, and the recommended form above is a general principle. Always pay close attention to the case study assignment example brief from your professor.

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Significant Issues Faced By Students While Making Case Studies

While drafting a case study, can be tedious as well as delightful. That majorly depends upon the perspective of students. Some students may find it very interesting to write a case study, but on the other hand, some students get tons of concerns while completing their chores. Some of the significant points faced by the students while writing are: 

  • Shortage of knowledge in finding helpful information and facts about a particular situation or event.
  • They are uniformly putting all the information so that it becomes understandable.
  • Lack of concentration and creative writing skills.
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