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How should I deal with a biomedical engineering assignment? Yes, we know that you do not have any other alternatives for assignments to get exceptional scores. However, we cannot eliminate the assignments from the academic curriculum, but we can assist you in writing an exceptional one. Starting with the definition of Biomedical engineering, we will try to map some of the common topics crucial for your learning. So biomedical engineering refers to the process of using engineering principles to produce technologies in the field of biology and medicine. It involves various concepts related to biological, physical, and medical science. The advent of biomedical engineering has a comprehensive scope in the field of healthcare and the life science sector. However, it has many core concepts that are crucial for researchers, like biomechanics, genetic engineering, bio instrumentation, biosensors, and a lot more.

We know that dealing with such assignments can be tricky, specifically if you are lacking adequate subject knowledge. Well, you can ask our experienced tutors to help you write an outstanding assignment. The online biomedical engineering assignment help offered by our experts is not just a course that helps you with the assignments but also assures your learning. We have a qualified team of online tutors, academic experts, and writers to develop top-quality resources for you. You can contact our experts whenever you want to clarify your queries regarding our online biomedical engineering assignment help.

Topics from the Biomedical Engineering Syllabus

Biomechanics: Biomechanics leads the study of human movement and the analysing of the overall mechanics of human movement. Biomechanics’s key areas involve dynamics, kinematics, kinetics, and statics. Primarily biomechanics is a science that deals with coordinating the muscles, ligaments, bones, and tendons to frame the overall movement. As a sub-discipline of biomedical engineering, biomechanics includes topics like comparative biomechanics, bio tribology, sports biomechanics, plant biomechanics, experimental biomechanics, and computational biomechanics.

Bioinstrumentation: It refers to devising new and innovative engineering tools and applications that can be employed in ministering biological systems. Biomechanics has gradually evolved into a core discipline that merges engineering principles with medical findings. Topics in Bio Instrumentation include Biosensors, Electrocardiogram, i.e., ECG, Pacemakers, Respiratory instruments, Electromyogram EMG, etc. However, this subject does include various potential topics that may be asked in the assignments like Bright field microscopy, dark field microscopy, fluorescence microscope, phase contrast microscopy and its applications, confocal microscopy, and autoclave. Our online academic helpers recommend students to perform a comprehensive examination of such topics to manage assignments like professionals.

Genetic engineering: The study focuses on laboratory-based applications to make experimental changes in the DNA structure of an organism. It can be used to add a specific gene of any organism to the experimental DNA structure to inspect the desired changes. The contemporary example of genetic engineering includes:

  • Pollution-fighting plants.
  • Insecticide corns.
  • Golden rice.
  • Drought-resistant crops.
  • Rapeseed plant (pesticide resistant).
  • The non-crying onions.

Genetic engineering also deals with some interesting topics, including Biostatistics, molecular biology, Bioprocess principles, Enzyme technology, Cytogenetics, and Bioseparation technology.

Biosensors and transducers: The devices that are used to measure chemical and biological reactions via signalling procedures. Biosensors have exhaustive applications in drug discovery, pollutants detection, environmental monitoring, forensics, and as biological markers to indicate disease in human bodily fluids. The element utilised to convert one form of energy to another is called a transducer, and the energy conversion that takes place in the process is called signalisation. Handling questions like this needs a sound familiarity with the topics like Nanoparticles, Mass Change, Thermistor, Signal Conditioning, Transducer Signal, and Quantification. Our biomedical engineering assignment help Australia can make this work effortless for you. 

Advanced medical imaging techniques: The medical interventions and clinical analysis conducted inside the patient’s body is possible by the technological developments in the advanced medical imaging system. Such techniques are usually performed to create biological imaging of a patient through radiology. Radiography, endoscopy, nuclear medicine, etc., are among some technologies that are used for medical imaging.  

Topics in advanced medical imaging techniques are

  • Tomography, elastography, and photoacoustic imaging.
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) principles.
  • MRI pulse sequence and NMR signal acquisition.
  • Contrast weighted images, novel medical imaging techniques, and quantitative images.

Biochemistry and Biophysics: Biochemistry refers to applying chemistry principles to study biological processes. These processes are usually directed at the molecular and cellular levels. Biochemistry tries to analyse the chemistry of living organisms and the events based on molecular changes that a living cell goes through. The contemporary study in biochemistry tries to improve the medicinal drugs, compounds used in medical science and biochemical industries, immunology, and vaccine development, as well as the DNA recombination technology. At the same time, Biophysics deals with the applications of physics to develop biological systems. Research more topics to create valid arguments and statements while dealing with the assignment questions.

Sample Questions Asked in the Biomedical Assignment

What is rehabilitation engineering? Briefly explain the concept of Artificial organs.

The use of technology to cure the disabilities of a person is the core focus of rehabilitation engineering. This sub-discipline of biomedical engineering applies engineering principles to develop technological solutions for patients. Rehabilitation is fundamental to restoring an individual health status and helping them recover from the trauma caused by a particular disease. Various topics that are discussed in this subject are virtual rehabilitation, rehabilitation robotics, Advanced kinematics, sensory prosthetics, modulation of organ function, and brain-computer interface. Having a sound knowledge of such topics combined with the modern development in this field is sufficient to answer nearly all the questions in the assignments. Apart from that, if you ever feel like you are losing yourself in any topic and need to write an excellent biomedical engineering assignment in Australia, feel free to raise a query. We will appreciate all your doubts within a short period of time.

Explain biomaterials and their types?

A biomaterial is a substance specially designed to interact with the organism’s biological systems. It is essentially designed to fulfil the diagnostic and therapeutic purpose. Biomaterials are utilised in designing medical devices and are tested for compatibility with the organism while replacing it with damaged tissues. There are wide applications of biomaterials in Ophthalmic, Wound healing, Cardiovascular applications, Orthopaedics, etc. however, it is essential to comply with certain features of the biomaterials like compatibility, mechanical properties, and manufacturing to utilise them strictly according to their applications. The characteristics that are studied while using biomaterials for implants are their toughness, deformation time, quality of raw materials, fabrication methods, fatigue methods, and ductility.

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