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Essay writing is often asked by universities to assess the writing and learning abilities of the students. There are numerous essay formats, but argumentative essays are the ones asked in huge numbers. Apart from the fact that assignments are deemed as one of the fundamental pillars of modern academics, the argumentative formats are a bit more lengthy and demanding in terms of the investigation required. Such essays are based on the research performed by the students and, most importantly, the evidence gathered as a part of this writing process.

Students have several reasons for which they avoid writing or perform exceptionally less in this segment. Among the significant reasons, difficulty with the format, insufficient time, and lack of awareness of accomplishing research is common for many students. What are the best possible options left with the students in such cases? There are a number of essay writing services present on the internet ready to offer written papers to the students? Unlike all, Aussie assignment helper is one of the biggest and only service providers in this domain to offer adequate focus on students’ learning and development.

What we will be offering you here and how we will proceed with your request, the entire procedure is explained here. In this article, we have also offered students an in-depth analysis of doubts frequently asked by students like argumentative essay examples, essay topics, argumentative essay topics, argumentative thesis statements, etc. To start with, let us guide you with the primary approach that we follow while offering essay writing assistance to our clients.

Step Followed by Experts While Guiding Students on Argumentative Essay Writing

Understand the format:  One of the most important tasks for the students is to understand the format asked by the examiner. There are various types of essays with distinct structures, making it complex for students to get themselves aware of what is being asked. So, do not rush or panic as soon as you get the task. Just follow some simple process, and you will be achieving your goals.

Research the basics: As soon as learners decide the topics, they start writing. Well, this is the biggest mistake committed by most of them. Grasp the essentials of the topic and understand the dimensions of the sub-topic you need to cover in order to make your essay look more impressive. Try various sources present online but do not forget to authenticate the validity of the sources. As our persuasive essay experts are well-adept in with the nature of the topics usually asked by prominent institutes in Australia, they take less than usual time to conduct research and accumulate essential fodder for the essay project. 

Draft a rough plan: After understanding the needs of the format and topic, it is necessary to make a rough draft on which you will be working in the due process. It assists you in shortlisting some of the core topics on which your write-up will be based-on. Making a rough draft allows you to narrow down your investigation and save a lot of time. Argumentative essay examples provided on the portal can be beneficial for students.

Statement formation: The facts and information based on the above research are usually utilised for argument formation and can be used as supportive evidence for the above claims utilised in the introduction. However, students can find it to be the most complex part of the entire write-up, but guidance from essay experts at Aussie assignment helper can save them. Our essay tutors are experienced enough to use an argumentative thesis statement in an arranged manner.

Compelling endnotes: Writing a conclusion is vital to conclude the write-up, and it is an integral part of the essay writing, and students must not overlook such aspects. Still, we can guide you in writing a small yet informative summary to impress the examiner.

Proofreading and presentation: Not all students dedicated sufficient time to proofreading their write-ups. If you are one of them, we can help you understand the significance of proofreading. Proofreading stands for checking the write-up for grammatical and spelling mistakes capable enough to ruin the entire hard work.

Plagiarism detection: Plagiarism is also one of the substantial issues faced by the students. In order to complete the write-up before the deadlines, students tend to utilise a specific site that displays forged or copied content. Writing copied content in the essay can lessen your overall grades. With the use of modern technology, it is certain that getting access to online plagiarism detection tools is now effortless for services like us. Call our associates for further queries.

Argumentative Essay Writing Structure


  • Basic yet informative beginning
  • Background information on the topic
  • Students stand on the issue in an argumentative essay introduction


  •  Paragraph 1

-An introduction of your first argument

-Supportive evidence to validate your argument or statement

-Concluding sentence for the first argument

-Link it to your second statement

  • Paragraph 2

-An introduction to your second argument

-Supportive evidence to validate your second argument or statement

-Concluding sentence for the second argument

-Link it to your third statement

  • Paragraph 3

-An introduction of your third argument

-Supportive evidence to validate your third argument or statement

-Concluding sentence for the third argument

-Essential link building with the conclusion part


  • Short yet precise summary of the entire write-up
  • Restating your claim/stand
  • No new topic or question should be written or initiated in the conclusion

Why do Students Need Professional Assistance for Essay Writing?

Not having sufficient time to write an entire essay:

Essay writing and case study assignments are counted among the most exciting formats asked in the academic curriculum. Most students do prefer writing such formats by themselves, but the time it takes to write a presentable document can be unbearable. Writing needs time, and the only thing that restricts students from getting exceptional grades is insufficient time. Unlike ‘do my essay services,’ online assistance from the Assignment Helper assists you in managing deadlines. Professionals hired by our experts can change your entire approach to writing and will guide you at almost all levels of essay writing. Also, if we have professional liabilities regarding the type of assistance we are going to offer, we focus on learning.

Professional assistance for improved research and presentation:

There are various reasons for which students may ask for professional assistance, and improving the presentation of the content is the most crucial one. How do experts help students in enhancing the quality of the discursive essay? Certainly, we have our own approach and strategy focusing on concept building and learning. To grasp new concepts that are applied in nature, it is essential to conduct research and explore multiple dimensions of the topic. We have also employed a dedicated team of subject experts to constantly explore the topics and accumulate fodder ready to present in the argumentative essay introduction. We make short-notes on the issue and deliver them to the researchers. However, if research and presentation are what make you concerned, feel free to call us.  

Inadequate understanding of the structure: 

A format is something that presents you with an idea about what to write, how to write, and in which order. The best thing of which we can guarantee is a clear understanding of the format. The assignment structure is determined by the examiner while forming the guidelines of the assignment. The format or structure of the assignments are of various types, including a case study, essay, dissertation, research paper, report writing, etc. and may have several sub-topics. Still, our every course,e.g., essay help, covers all the aspects essential to learning practically and understanding the formats of an essay (Argumentative essay, expository essay, discursive essay, persuasive essay, narrative essay, and descriptive essay). Talk to our professionals and learn more about the formats covered by the Aussie assignment helper.

Questions that are Usually Asked by the Learners Regarding Our Online Essay Writing Help

Does the Aussie assignment helper hire subject experts for my assignment help?

Assignment assistance for any format is effortless when you are at the Aussie assignment helper. We have subject experts and experienced tutors to resolve all the doubts faced by the students. Apparently, students find it challenging to learn various assignment formats and dealing with deadline anxiety can take a lot of toll on them. The course we offer, along with the assignment assistance, is a well-prepared module containing solutions for almost all your queries, from formats to writing tone that fits with that format. What makes us capable of offering quality to the students? The only answer to this is a team of subject experts that improves the overall efficiency of the process. Such a team of Aussie assignment helper are specialists with expertise in various subjects. Among our tutors, you can find PhD scholars, experienced tutors, and students with outstanding scholastic records to provide a quality learning environment. We have a long list of subjects for which we have experts ready to settle your doubts and assist you in completing the task.

How should I choose argumentative essay topics?

Topic selection is a very crucial stage, especially if you are dealing with a lengthy assignment format. The essay is quite a lengthy format of writing that is frequently asked by academic institutions. The interest of the writer influences the quality of the entire write-up. In the case of students, they tend to pick the easiest option, but unfortunately, not every easy-looking alternative will sustain you in such a lengthy format. Getting advice from experts and seniors can be fruitful when selecting a topic for the assignment. Affordable essay help at Aussie assignment helper not only assists students with topic selection but also provides them with adequate resources that can be used as a reference for that selected topic. 

Will the Aussie assignment helper offer research paper writing assistance for all subjects?

Research paper writing is a bit difficult for students who are not aware of the lengthy formats. You ask about almost all the subjects that are studied in Australian universities. However, we have penned down some of the major subjects in our service section like nursing assignment help, marketing, management, engineering, statistics, finance, and many more. Also, the students can find the sub-disciplines of the subject like engineering, and we have covered civil, electrical, mechanical, etc. In nursing, we have covered childcare, aged care, nursing care plan, and much more. Having specialists for all the subjects and formats is reliable when compared to other services.  

Does timely assignment submission affect my grades and overall performance?

Assignments form a significant portion of your final assessment grades. We have also found that students who do not perform up to the mark in this segment tend to lose many of their grades. Submitting the assignment on time improves your impression in front of the examiner and positively impacts your grades. Also, the examiners cross-check the students’ conduct, including time management, research accomplished while writing the essay, and the delivery of the assignments. Students unable to complete the essay within the deadlines ask professionals for assistance and believe us, when it comes to guiding students, there is no one better than our team. The overall idea of our services is to equip students with adequately researched work that can narrow down your examination and the time needed to complete such prolonged work.

Aussie assignment helper, a leading essay help service provider in Australia, can be your best companion to rely on.

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