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A study directed towards core questions associated with life, reality, truth, existence, and wisdom. It is more of a sense given linguistic expression by the thinkers in their respective fields. The sole reason to study philosophy is to find new perspectives for something already in existence or something abstract in nature. The views of Aristotle and Socrates and the contributions they made to the political culture followed nearly in every country are sufficient to comprehend the importance of the subject. Similarly, the writings of Dante and William Blake have provided the entire world with a newer perspective and an outlook that may remain unseen if they would not have appreciated the culture of philosophy. Nevertheless, students enlisted in philosophy encounter complex hypotheses from various philosophers like Plato’s Cave theory, Solipsism, Idealism, Presentism, Eternalism, The Multiverse theory, Fictional Realism, etc. 

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Topics Recommended by Our Philosophy Assignment Experts

Metaphysics: A branch of philosophy that deals with conceptual notions like identity, experiences, time, existence, and space. Such concepts and theories are said to be abstract as they may not relate to the reality of such other existing concepts. Metaphysics is a type of philosophy or study that is used to comprehend various concepts having much broader aspects than in reality. Some of the core topics covered in our philosophy assignment help include skeptical analysis, postmodernism, deconstructionism, enlightenment, epistemology, cosmology, soul, spirit, the existence of God, and a lot more. 

Consciousness and Reality: Consciousness is the state of realising or understanding something. According to the oxford dictionary, Consciousness represents that state of the human mind where it is responsive to its respective surroundings. Terms that are related to consciousness like Conscious realism, Types of consciousness like (Phenomenal, Semantic, Functional, and Physiological), Levels of consciousness like Relationship consciousness, Survival consciousness, Internal cohesion, Serving consciousness, etc. The same is the case with reality. Understanding different terms linked with the subject can be necessary for noting a definitive and explanatory answer in the assessment paper. 

Metatheory: A theory of theories can be called a metatheory. Such hypotheses evaluate and analyse the views in terms of the ideas and notions that are offered by the basic theory. The approach that is followed while learning the metatheory is focused on the evidence found in the Empirical level research, Unit level research, and Meta level research. However, there are various factors that are involved in this situation like domains, definition, sampling, analysis, fecundity, internal consistency, parsimony, and conservation. Methodological and evidential arguments and statements are some of the most prominent ways to assess a Metatheory. 

Applied ethics: A branch of ethics that tries to tackle moral problems associated with professional and personal life. Applied ethics is classified into a diverse subdomain, including Political Ethics, Legal Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Business Ethics, and Biomedical Ethics. There are different topics that are interconnected with this segment of philosophy like Corporate social responsibilities, Deception in business, Moral status of humanity, Bioethics (life, death, and abortion), Environmental ethics, etc. Read more about some current issues related to gun control, prisoner’s rights, animal rights, capital punishments, and homosexuality for handling questions having practical applications in professional life. 

Philosophy of religion: Ideal philosophy that states something crucial about religion is termed a philosophy of religion. Topics beyond belief like metaphysics, ethics, philosophy, epistemology, and politics are a must to understand the role of religion in human life. Sometimes students do face complex queries linked to the essence of religion, comparing different religions, elements of inconsistencies and contradictions in faith, etc. Do read them extensively to perform exceptionally well in this segment. Professional tutors at Aussie assignment helper are well-versed with the entire topics that are usually asked in the assignments. Well, if you are consistently scoring less in this segment, you need reliable help with assignments. 

Mind and Reality: All the factors that are existent in the system or are real, indicate their existence and have a significant impact on the system of beliefs that is generally presumed. The relationship between mind and reality can be highly essential to understanding the concepts of philosophy. Also, there are various scientific concepts that are associated with philosophy, like Mental functioning, Consciousness, Sensory behavior, and mental properties. Enlightenment, Empowerment, Subjects of reality, Methods of justice, etc., are some of the basic topics that will interest you. 

Moral and Political Philosophy: Moral philosophy focuses on the question of being right and wrong. Moral philosophy can be classified into three branches, i.e., Meta-ethics, Normative ethics, and Applied ethics. Whereas political philosophy deals with the theories related to the study of government and its policies, focusing on the constitutional values of liberty, freedom, justice, and legitimacy of different laws. Multiple topics related to such philosophies as The social contract theory, Libertarian, Theory of justice, Utilitarianism, Marxist theory, The core of natural law and natural justice are crucial for students.

How to Deal With Philosophy Questions?

Are people good or evil by nature?

The absolute idea of beauty, nature, quality, appearance, and their impact on the human personality and values are better defined in the subjects like philosophy. It is one of the biggest questions that try to explore human nature from the very basics and explains the factors linked with their natural instincts. Various philosophers and thinkers have described this in detailed theories. Rousseau claimed in his theories that human, by nature, is good. At the same time, Hobbes argued them to be selfish. There are various factors that are associated with human nature involves goodness, exaggeration, corruptness, and many more behavioral tendencies that prove to be essential for writing a top-class answer. However, our assignment help experts are proficient enough to address such queries and provide you with the required vision of how to write such answers to get an extra edge in this segment. 

Is morality linked to the degree of learning of a person?

Such topics are linked with the branch of philosophy, i.e., moral philosophy. Moral philosophy deals with the ethical questions of right or wrong. It usually discovers the nature of morality and tries to examine human conduct. It also incorporates topics from meta-ethics like Justice, Morality, Truth, and Belief. Human behavior and the formation of certain types of values depend on two factors, i.e., nature or nurture. However, sometimes learning from the environment that surrounds an individual is called nurturing. At the same time, nature is what generates within an individual and decides the innate qualities of the person. Somehow, assignments in moral philosophy can showcase some of the best topics to the students like Corruption, Ethical fading, Ethics, Fiduciary duties, Harm principle, Hedonism, Concepts of integrity, justice, morality, etc.

Why is it Tough to Score Well in Philosophy Assignments?

Comprehensive coverage of the subject: As discussed above, there are various topics that need to be covered if you are aiming for an A+. Still, philosophy is an extremely vast discipline, and covering each and every aspect of the subject demands a lot of effort. Often, it is seen that students are frequent skipping classes. This impacts negatively on their learning and grasping abilities. However, we can ensure that our lectures, well-written and handy notes, and doubt clearing sessions are enough to provide exceptional knowledge of the discipline. Somehow, assignment help experts at Aussie assignment helper are trusted individuals and have been providing adequate knowledge to the students for years. We trust them for the experience they carry and the reviews offered by the clients. We are sure that you can count on them too. 

Familiarity with the basic assignment writing format: Usually, subjects like philosophy offer lengthy assignment formats like dissertations, essays, etc. It is explicit that having sufficient familiarity with the basic layout is a must to get exemplary grades. Still, for various reasons, students do skip such aspects of this segment, and this is quite evident from their mark sheets. Do not get stressed about this. We can make sure that our detailed lecture series on assignment formats is sufficient to provide you with adequate information on the same. Apart from this, we do count such cases where such video lectures will not be enough, but we have a backup for this. Providing lecture handouts and well-researched samples leaves no chance for any doubts in your minds.

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