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Political science refers to studying the state, its functions, and the authority it exercises over its citizens. Politics, according to the Greek philosopher, directs the governing process followed by the leaders to govern the city-states of Greece. However, political science also relates to the concepts like equality, fraternity, justice, sovereignty, etc., that form the basis of political administration. The current political system needs a reform based on modern developments made in this subject, like the concepts of political ideologies and theories. Political thinkers like Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Hobbes, Macievile, and many more have contributed a lot to this subject. Still, for students, political science has classified itself into many sub-sections. It offers topics like contemporary politics, international relations, public administrations, political research, etc. Scholars enrolled in political science are familiar with the significance of such topics and their share in the grade structure.

Also, you might be aware of the political science homework that is usually offered by the universities to examine the learning and grasping skills of the students. It is obvious that comprehending such complicated philosophies and penning them in the assignments is complicated, especially if you lack interest or are weak with the fundamental concepts. With the evolution of technology, it is now possible to learn almost everything. Keeping this in mind and making such a task effortless for you, the Aussie assignment helper has developed a systematic approach to help students. Our political science assignment help includes online courses, study material offered after every lecture, and one-on-one doubt sessions that can prove to be a game-changer and will exponentially enrich your learning skills.

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Fundamental Topics From the Political Science Syllabus

Nationalism: An idea that states that the nation should be congruent with the state. Basically, nationalism is an idea that promotes the nation’s interest and, eventually, of its people. Among the various aspects of nationalism sovereignty, being free from external influences in decision making and promoting cultural, ethnic, and traditional beliefs are some of the most promising concepts that must be considered while studying. For attaining outstanding grades in the assignments, it is clear that students need a traditional approach while covering the syllabus. Topics like types of nationalism, theories associated with nationalism, etc., play a crucial role in understanding the overall idea of the topic.

  • Creole nationalism, Ethnic nationalism, and Anti-colonial nationalism
  • Racist nationalism, left-wing nationalism, and liberal nationalism
  • Economic nationalism and National anarchism are some of the topics that need to be focused upon.  

Sovereignty: Sovereignty refers to the supreme power or authority exercised by the state on its internal and external matters. It is primarily the free will of a state to execute its power as the supreme authority. The mixed view of Aristotle, Jean Boden, Hugo Grotius (father of international law), and many more political thinkers have opened up various dimensions associated with this term. Understanding terms like Real Sovereignty, Popular Sovereignty, Legal Sovereignty, Political Sovereignty, De Facto and Jure Sovereignty will help you write well-referenced answers in the examination papers. 

International relations: International relations and laws, being the most complex yet exciting topics in political science assignments, limit students from achieving superior grades in the assignments. International relation refers to studying international laws as well as the cultural, social, and economic systems followed around the world. International relations help maintain a peaceful and cooperative environment between different countries and are considered a step towards globalisation. Key topics recommended by our assignment experts while penning international relations assignments include:

  • Global concern on terrorism
  • Global finance and financial stability.
  • Economic development
  • Nationalism and globalisation
  • Nuclear proliferation
  • State sovereignty and ecological sustainability

Comparative politics: Comparative politics is a very vast domain under political science that deals with a comparative study of different countries, their citizens, their constitution, and their political units. Comparative politics seeks to learn how other countries’ legal and administrative systems work. Topics included in comparative politics involve an objective study of politics, empirical and objective theory of politics, economics infrastructure, state, political consent and state formation, etc.

Political philosophies: The philosophies addressing the governance and its nature, various administrative institutions, and the entire working process of the government are considered the political philosophies. Political philosophies revolve around abstract concepts like justice, power, rights, limitations, and sovereignty. It also focuses on broader aspects of the structure that rules or governs the society, i.e., the state. Different political ideologies are crucial from the assignment’s point of view like,

  • Fascism and Nazism
  • Authoritarianism and Democracy
  • Anarchism, Communism, and Environmentalism
  • Conservatism and Corporatism
  • Liberalism and Libertarianism
  • Progressivism and Populism

Constitutional laws: Constitution refers to a set of rules and regulations that acts as a guiding principle for the governing body in any state. The constitution is the primary document referred to while making law by the government. It consists of fundamental principles, including the citizen’s rights, methods followed while electing the executive, and some additional features that need to be taken care of while governing a sovereign state. The laws made under the ambit of the constitution are deemed constitutional laws. Primarily topics like constitutionalism, the structure of the constitution, the nature of the constitution, and various legislations based on the constitutional values of the state can ease your preparation.

Justice: One of the most substantial political concepts that form the basis of the judicial system followed by various states. The definition of justice can be better understood by reading the view of political philosophers like Plato, Augustine, Kant, Mill, and Rawls. The principle of making every individual feel equal when considered in society is sometimes confused with the concepts of freedom and equality. While justice in itself is an extensive topic, it makes it even more complex to study. Apart from presenting an equal opportunity for every individual living in society, justice also explains the notions of social justice, economic justice, and several issues like discrimination on the lines of caste and colour. You will get to learn more on such topics in our political science assignment help lecture series.

Questions From Our Free Assignment Sample

What are the Principles of Public Administration? 

Public administration is studied to make the local and state-level administration more efficient and better in terms of service delivery and maintaining law and order. The principle of public administration involves various fundamental aspects like planning, organising, staffing, directing, coordination, reporting, and budgeting. As mentioned here, such principles have been directed toward the purpose of restoring the administration process and making it more efficient than before. 

The overall process of public administration deals with the values like Transparency, Economic freedom, Equity, Subsidiarity, Accountability, Pluralism, Participation, and Access to services. Recommended by political science homework tutors, reading Henry Fayol, aka the ‘father of modern management theory,’ can assist you in writing good content in the assignments. His principles of Division of work, Discipline, Authority, Unity of direction, Subordination of individual interest, and Centralization are essential to explain the concept of modern public administrative services focused on people-centric service delivery. 

Explain the Significance of Civil Liberties and Rights in a Democracy?

Implementing democracy needs some of the elementary conceptions that are basic to performing state functions. As apparent, civil rights are among the fundamental requirements of society. For individuals to explore and partake in their development opportunities to the fullest, it is necessary to frame adequate laws related to civil liberties. Proper and well-guided categories of human rights are classified into civil and political rights, freedom of speech, right to life, freedom of the press, freedom of movement, right to a dignified life, right to education, and right to property, etc. students while writing answers to such questions need to conduct extensive research to make them more accessible and unique. Writing well-researched and explanatory answers in the assignments is essential to enhancing overall assessment grades. 

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