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Before heading with the procedure essential to write an outstanding sociology assignment, we should go through the subject once. So, what is sociology? Definition of sociology strictly states that a subject that deals with the social relationship among the human and with their social institutions. The definition of sociology is not restricted to this part only. It includes various issues related to the human race, human society, the social classes to which they belong, and the culture associated with different human settlements. The sole purpose of studying sociology is to showcase a specific change that is needed in the human society, based on the study of past human society and its development. Sociology students need to study in detail the critical aspects of the evolution of human society and its relationship with other social institutions present in their habitat. However, in the below paragraph, we have discussed topics and questions that are usually asked in the sociology homework assignments. 

Assignment on sociology? Definitely, dealing with various philosophers, their theories, and their ideologies can be frustrating while writing assignments. Sociology as a subject needs comprehensive learning from the students. Scoring excellently in this sociology research paper assignment or sociology observation assignment is challenging yet manageable if you enrol yourself in the best online academic assistance services. It is noticeable that learning makes writing assignments an easy task. At Aussie assignment helper, we make sure that students are thorough with the concepts and get advanced knowledge associated with the subject. Our team of professional tutors includes some of the best sociology experts in Australia, and this makes us the No.1 in this segment. Are you in need of help with sociology homework assignments? Try us!

Sample Topics Covered Under Sociology Assignment Help

Conflict theory: Conflict theory was first developed by Karl Marx states a classical relationship between the human society and its need. Resources that are limited in nature plays a vital role in creating a competitive environment and situations like conflicts. Conflict theory points out various aspects like the struggle among classes and groups in order to maintain equality. It also focuses on society and prevailing stratification on the lines of economic and social status. Various topics, including revolutions in the society, structural inequality prevailing at multiple strata in the society, competition, etc., are crucial for the society. 

Functionalism: Somewhat related to the prevailing mental states and their nature. Functionalism follows functionalist’s belief that mental states are identified by what they do rather than their structure. The famous mousetrap model can never get that old. Functionalism in sociology evaluates different elements of the society, institutions, norms, etc., are serving a specific purpose and are crucial for the sustainable development of the society.

Aging and Inequality based on aging: Aging is one of the fundamental realities of human society. Aging is a primary process of getting old in terms of age, physical development, and humanly capabilities. Multiple concerns that are associated with aging involve disabilities, health concerns, working opportunities, and dignified life. However, sociology tries to study numerous aspects related to aging, like the rights of an aged person, studying in-depth the inequalities faced by the aged person, and procedures to eliminate discrimination. Still, there are lots of aspects that are considered a must for learners to perform well in this segment. Our online academic tutors are sociology experts and can guide you on this. 

Social order and social control: Social order is a core sociology concept that requires social structures and institutions, social interaction and behaviour, and cultural features such as value beliefs and norms. Multiple theories social thinkers like Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, Hobbes, and Hegel need to be referred to while studying such concepts. Various theories like Merit in each theory, Marx’s Critical theory, and Durkheim’s theory are some of the best topics to study if you are writing a sociology observation assignment. 

Social and Gender stratification: Social stratification and gender stratification is the core part of sociology that needs to be studied to understand the social conflicts, inequalities, and discriminations that prevail in society. Social stratification can be studied under the heads of social classes, gender, ethnicity, and age. It is merely based on the idea that people are divided into different groups. Many times, social stratification is also classified under the heads of Slavery, estate system, social classes, and social mobility. Gender stratification is more of a type of inequality between men and women. There are many topics related to gender stratification like sexism, patriarchy, etc. Research appropriately on some crucial issues that may appear in the examination to get exceptional grades in the sociology research paper assignment

Population, Urbanization, and Environment: Certainly, demography, population growth, factors pushing urbanisation, and the environment surrounding human settlements are crucial for understanding and evolving strategies in sociology. Sociology speaks about the impact of demographic data on human settlement and also the factors of urbanisation. Urbanisation is a process that gradually changes a rural area into a more urbanised one. Definitely, urbanisation has a lot of influence on various aspects of sociology, like employment, living standards, economic factors, crime rate, and many more. Having a clear insight into such topics as environment, urbanisation, and population can benefit your overall performance. 

Culture, Race and Ethnicity: Race is a biological feature that is usually linked with skin colour, texture, hair colour, etc. (basically the physical characteristics). Apart from that, culture is a very vast concept that includes a way of life enclosing art, institutions, eating habits, ideas prevailing in specific human settlements, and their belief system. Studying culture showcase a long list of opportunities to track human development and their belief system. Different theories are recognised as the crux of many topics in sociology. Struggling to learn such complex topics? Buy online courses or take live tutoring sessions for better understanding.

Questions that are Widely Asked in the Sociology Assignments

Explain the elements of deviance, crime, and social control? 

Well, deviance can be explained as a behaviour that violates social rules and norms. Usually, it is related to the adverse reaction from society. Controlling such cases of deviance by making general norms and regulations that try to prevent such cases of deviance can be called social control. To understand the concept of deviance, it is a must to have a comprehensive understanding of its classification. It also allows students to get an insight into the prevailing social control norms in society. Deviance from religious norms, health norms, legal norms, and cultural norms is crucial to comprehending social control. It is crucial to read Hirschi’s social control theory which critically explains the elements between conforming behaviour and criminal behaviour.  

  • Attachment (Family, Friends, and Community)
  • Commitment (Future, Career, Success, and Personal goals)
  • Belief (Honesty, morality, Fairness, and responsibility)
  • Involvement (Social activity, Sports teams, Community organisation, etc.)

Explain various Agents of socialisation? 

The product of intermixing the society’s material and non-material culture is called socialisation. Social group agents are essential for humans to practise and inculcate in them an element of socialisation. Agents of socialisation are categorised, starting from the first significant point of connection, i.e., Family, to the long-lasting social contact of the person’s environment. Every such aspect can be counted as an agent of socialisation for a particular human being. 

  • Family (Language acquisition, rules, relationship, role models, behaviour, and initial social interaction)
  • Religion (Values, guidelines of how to live, humanity, discipline, etc.)
  • Peers (trends and general activities)
  • School (Rules, Discipline, values like honesty, etc.) 
  • Ethnicity (Values, customs, and beliefs)

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