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Are you looking for a specialist tutor who can handle all your query regarding network security assignment? We are here to assist you. Call us at any point in time or just raise a query. What is network security, and how this field can fetch you some of the brightest opportunities in future? Definitely, if you are registered in this subject, Network security deals with all the aspects associated with analysing, organising, recognising, and mitigating all the potential threats to the network or device connected to it. Having a complex network architecture within an organisation, it is imperative to secure all the information and data that can be strategic from the organisation’s point of view. However, network security is considered as the most dynamic and essential discipline at this time. Excelling in this field needs an ample amount of information and research to understand various concepts associated with it. For example, understanding the changing dynamics of protection levels, cyber-attack, and their prevention methodologies are some of the critical points of the curriculum. 

Assignments provided in the network security are supposed to be some of the toughest, yet accomplishing well in this segment is essential to enhance the overall assessments grades. Still, if you are confronting challenges in dealing with the network security homework, we are ready to assist you. Aussie assignment helper is among the best assignment services in Australia, working to provide adequate assistance and guidance to the students. Why should you choose us? What will you get here? All your doubts will be cleared by the end of this article. For now, read the topics and sample questions asked repeatedly in the assignments described below. 

Topics that can be Asked in the Network Security Assignment

Network access control: Implementing policy on the user network and devices for supporting network visibility and access management is performed by the network access control. It is a sort of network security solution to ensure endpoint security and prevent computers from the threat of host intrusion, antivirus, and vulnerability detection and its assessments. Apart from these various types of Authorisation and Authentication of different devices connected to a single network, Providing role-based control and access, Encryption, and many more are some of the core aims of Network access control. 

Access rights management: Access management is a method to detect, track, manage, and assess the specific users while accessing the system in a network. Definitely, access management is not confined to this. It is a vast notion that is a combination of different guidelines, procedures, and rules that are mandated to restrict or provide access to the users. Access control is a very crucial element of network security, and it includes various terminologies like Discretionary access control, Role-based access control, Attribute-based access control, and Mandatory access control. 

Wireless security: A protocol or a more systematic approach to prevent any sort of unauthorised or malicious access in a wireless network. It is a system that induces a cue for any type of intrusion or malicious movement. For ensuring wireless security in a network, Wired Equivalent policy (WEP) and Wireless Protected Access (WPA) algorithms are used. Learning various modes of unauthorised credentials, wireless intrusion prevention, security measures like MAC ID filtering 802.11 security, etc., are crucial for the students. 

Network intrusion and IoT security: Intrusion in a network directs to any unauthorised attempt to breach the shield of a digital network. For pinpointing threats in the network, the attack pattern within the network packets is recognised and monitored. Also, it is essential to recognise abnormal traffic activity within the network. IoT security is also the same methodology for securing internal devices connected to a network. There are much more topics that need to be covered by the students while covering the syllabus, like types of intrusion detection systems, including: 

  • Host intrusion detection system (HIDS)
  • Network intrusion detection system (NIDS)
  • A signature-based intrusion detection system (SIDS) 
  • An anomaly-based intrusion detection system (AIDS) 

Data privacy: Is it not right to provide an individual with authority to decide the usage of their personal information? Definitely, data privacy deals with such rights of an individual. It is a set of rules that ensures the rights of the person to decide how, why, and when their personal details are going to be used. Health Information Portability and Accountability Act, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health are some laws that can help you relate to this context. Various issues related to the data privacy includes data breach, data cycle, types of data collected like identifiable information and sensitive data, and responsibilities of data collector to protect the rights of a person, and different types of the data privacy policy that has: 

  • Email policy and Ethics policy. 
  • Digital signature acceptance policy and Clean desk policy.
  • Understanding the Data lifecycle (Create, Store, Use, Share, Archive, and Destroy)

Web data mining: Web data mining is a method or technique that uses algorithms to extract data from the web using weblogs, services, content, and hyperlinks. The information gathered from the process of data mining is recorded to analyse and conclude a pattern that decides the contemporary events. Usually, data mining plays a crucial role for industries and helps them in analysing the continuing trends in the market. Different types of data mining like Web content mining, Web structure mining, and Web usage mining are crucial for gaining an extra edge in the assignments. Still having doubts? Get us now!

Malware detection: Malware detection refers to the mechanism of recognising and protecting the device from potential software or programs that can harm its security and information. Malware is nothing but software that possesses malicious intentions. They can be classified as viruses, worms, spyware, trojans, and distinct codes that can generate a conceivable threat to the machine. Topics that can are worth understanding for better concept building are: 

  • Signature-based detection and Endpoint protection cloud.
  • Sandbox and removal tools.
  • Heuristic analysis and anti-malware software. 
  • Ransomware protection and endpoint protection.

Sample Questions for a Better Understanding of the Assessment Papers

Explain the concept of Cloud network security?               

A process that prevents or minimises the risk of any malicious activity in a public or private could network. In contemporary times there are many establishments that are totally dependent on the cloud network for storing sensitive information. However, maintaining the security of a cloud network is an essential attempt to ensure a protected system. Various vulnerability management solutions, detecting exposures in cloud networks, threat detection and responses, security tool automation, runtime application security protection, and web application firewall are some of the core topics that can be prepared for performing well in this segment. Learn more about the issues concerned like:

  • Network protection
  • Computer-based security
  • Visibility and compliance 
  • Identity security 

Explain the types of cyber threats? 

Any malicious invasion that tries to harm or steal the data from a network or a device connected to that network is termed a cyber attack. Some of the major cyber-attacks that are noticeable in recent times are Phishing attacks, Insider threats, Ransomware attacks, Polyglot files, DDoS attacks, Zero-day exploits, and Malvertising. Multiple assessment techniques like Strategic Assessment, Operational Assessment, and Tactical assessments are vital in understanding and identifying cyber threats. 

Types of cyber threats that may occur in the assessment papers are: 

  • MitM Man-in-the-Middle 
  • DoS Denial-of-Service
  • SQL injection 
  • Zero-day Exploit 
  • Cross-site Scripting 
  • Password Attack
  • Botnets

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