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Company law is a set of laws that focuses on the procedure of managing and forming a business. It serves as a foundational document for governing corporate affairs. Company law regulates the interest and responsibilities of various stakeholders like the company’s investors, directors, creditors, shareholders, and consumers. Various topics like Separate legal personalities, Limited liability, Transferrable shares, Insolvency procedures, Studying corporate frauds, Delegated management, Limited liability partnership, and Powers and capacity of the company can be very crucial in understanding the subject. Company law as a subject attracts a lot of students, and this is visible in the number of students taking admissions in recent years. The growing corporate world needs more such company law professionals to perform well in this sector. So, getting good scores in the assessments is beneficial in getting lucrative job offers. What is the greatest hurdle restricting you from scoring well in the assessments?

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Frequently Asked Topics in the Company Law Assignment Help:

Corporate governance: Company law majorly constitutes two elements, including corporate governance and corporate finance. Corporate governance deals with the rules that are required to direct and manage a company. Another crucial role played by efficient corporate governance rules is to ensure and balance the stakeholders’ interests. Various crucial topics may be asked in the assignment like:

  • Impacts of institutional investors and corporate governance policies.
  • Features of best corporate governance policies. 
  • External auditor turnover
  • Accounting conservatism principles
  • Financial policy formulation
  • CEO accountability in corporate governance, etc.

Corporate finance: Corporate finance deals with the procedures of companies managing their accounting methods, investment options, capital funding sources, etc. It is more of financial planning that needs to be ensured by an organisation. Multiple aspects like structural improvements, further development of the projects pending with the company, planning and investment, and improving capital funding are some of the major concerns for corporate finance professionals. Still, various topics like capital budgeting, capital sources (external capital funding sources and self-generation), prominent case studies associated with corporate financing, etc., can be decisive from the assignment’s perspective.

Subsidiary company and parent company: A company that owns various smaller companies are known as a parent company. Whereas companies that work under the parent company are known as subsidiary companies. There may be a difference between the parent company and subsidiary company on the type of industries they belong to. However, there are different terminologies that you must understand, like conglomerates, holding companies, tax advantages, corporate identity, Articles of Incorporation, procedures for managing subsidiary companies, etc.

Statement of capital: A thoroughly prepared document that highlights the company’s share capital. The entire procedure of preparing a statement of capital is given in the Company Act, the total number of shares of the company, the aggregate nominal share value of the company’s share, unpaid share, call unpaid share amount, types of shares, annual returns, etc.

The Rights of a Shareholder: The rights of shareholders play a decisive role in understanding corporate law. The rights of the shareholders like attending shareholder’s meetings, participating in voting on critical issues, appointing new directors and dismissing existing directors, shareholders’ right to receive the company’s information and announcements. Several other rights that students will study in detail while covering the corporate law course. Definitely, we can offer you the best explanations that can fetch you some exceptional grades in the assignments. Get detailed knowledge of the subject through our live lectures. 

Stockholders and members: Any investment made by a legal entity or by any individual in a company can be called a stakeholder or member of that company. In more simple words, a stockholder can be said as an investor in a corporation or has infused a certain amount of capital in the company. They are different from the directors, trustees, and the corporate officers responsible for the company’s management.

An Outline of Questions That Can be Asked in the Company Law Assessment Papers

What is the difference between a Sole proprietorship, a Partnership firm, and a Company?

The concept of sole proprietorship correlates to the business having only a single owner who pays personal income tax on earned profits. The only advantage that sole proprietorship has is that it can be quickly established and dismantled. Whereas an establishment that is run by more than one owner sharing equal dividend and have mutual interests are known as a partnership firm. A partnership is considered an association between two or more individuals working for the same goals. A company can be of many types like a private company, public company, companies that are limited by guarantee or share, and unlimited companies. Being a company law student understanding something that is core to the subject is very vital to achieving good grades in the examinations. Do not worry if you are not acquainted with the basics. Our online law assignment help Australia in the form of well-illustrated lectures and online doubts sessions that are compelling for students. Do not forget to submit your query.

Explain the responsibilities of directors and officials of a corporation?

It is evident that understanding the responsibilities of a company’s director and its officials are very crucial for students. Sometimes these basic questions are proficient enough to good grades in the examinations. Adequate information for the process of selecting a director, conveying the core duties of the directors as well as the onboard operations performed by the director are some of the critical factors that can improve the quality of the answers offered by the examiner. A director’s role in the company can be explained under the following heads.

  • Act with reasonable diligence and care.
  • Statutory duties to check financial transactions of the company.
  • Duty to maintain a healthy workplace environment, employee safety law, and consumer law.
  • Preventing insolvent trading.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest within the company.
  • Using position and information appropriately. 
  • Always acting for the best interests of the company.

Clarify the doctrine of piercing the veil of the corporate entity?

Explain the importance of the primary business location indicated in the articles of incorporation?

Explain the cases when a corporation may obtain its own shares?

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