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Were you looking for a law assignment helper? We can provide you with the best constitutional law assignment example. Highly trained law professionals are ready to assist you at the most reasonable rates in Australia only as an Aussie assignment helper. This article will assist you in scoring well in this segment and learning the basic principles that will ensure your career stability. Initiating with the definition of the constitutional law, we will gradually cover some of the potential aspects of the syllabus that can help you enhance the overall coverage of the subject. A constitution directs the functioning of the government and decides on the policy that serves as the basis of the present as well as future governance. It is simply termed a rule book that assists policymakers and executives in developing a competent governing principle. The laws that are direct and authorised strictly according to the state’s constitutional requirements and are validated by virtue of the constitution are termed constitutional laws. The Australian constitutional law considers some of the many aspects like commonwealth parliament, representative government, commonwealth legislative powers, state, and their legislative powers. It also involves the functioning of the executive government of the commonwealth and the relationship between the commonwealth and state powers.

Well, we know very well that you are here to understand and learn the basics of assignment writing. Also, from years of experience, it is clearly visible that learning and writing need a lot of practice, especially in subjects like constitutional law. Universities in modern times regularly provide the assignments that need to be presented within the pre-decided deadline. Such assignments can demand a specific format like a case study, dissertation, essay, or simply a research paper. Students usually commit mistakes that hamper their grades. However, Aussie assignment helper is deemed to be the best constitutional law assignment service in Australia and serves as a prominent ally for the students when it comes to assignment writing. You too can save a lot of time and effort that are genuinely needed to score exemplary grades. For now, we have written some of the probable topics that can increase your all-around coverage of this subject. Please read them and ask all your queries from our 24*7 customer service associates.

Expected Topics From Constitutional Law Assignment

Separation of powers: The phrase ”separation of powers,” as coined by Charles-Louis de Secondat, refers to the allocation of government responsibilities to different government bodies, primarily to the legislative, judiciary, and the executive. It is essential to manage the responsibilities efficiently and prevent the concentration of power, and it acts as a check on the power that is allocated to any particular authority. However, learning the overall concept of the separation of power is crucial to understanding the topics associated with this. Topics like the evolution and history of the theory, the approach followed by the executives, the constitutional safeguards for decentralisation in power, and the provisions of transparency and regulations are definitive in nature. Also, the applications of the theory of power in the constitutions of various countries will be interesting for constitutional law students.

Federalism: Federalism refers to the idea that provides for the combinations of two forms of government, one working at the central level and the other operating at the provincial level. It is basically a division of power that amounts to decentralisation in an arranged manner. However, the evolution of federalism needs to be given adequate importance by the students. Topics like cooperative federalism, dual federalism, dual sovereignty, and federal-state government are significant for students. Performing competently in this segment mandates sufficient acquaintance with the concepts necessary to understand the power diversions and authorities at different stages of the government.

Constitutional supremacy: The entire concept of constitutional supremacy tries to explain the dominance of other laws over the executive and legislative functions performed by the governance. Any effective yet unconstitutional law deems to be invalid by the courts on account of constitutional supremacy. Even in the case of retrospective amendments in existing law, this seems to be fit. Still, professionals need to perform exceptionally well in such conditions as managing unconstitutional laws. Working on such concepts requires extensive knowledge of the people’s fundamental rights, the right to privacy, and the debate between constitutional supremacy and parliamentary sovereignty. Also, learning such provisions that are followed in different countries worldwide will be crucial for your contemporary understanding.

The rule of law: The rule of law is a primary process that refers to the mechanism to ensure equality among the citizens, the government’s non-arbitrary behaviour, and guides the use of power. The notion of the rule of law has been extremely important for ages and still relevant for the functioning of modern governing structures. Such concepts as the rule of law, constitutional supremacy, constitutional review, and independence of the judiciary are essential to prevent the authoritative nature of the government. Also, there are various characteristics of this topic and the most important being the applied part of the subject. The British government system allows a different form of the rule of law, whereas, in India, the constitution derives the power from its citizens. Citing such examples can be very valuable for your assignments.

International powers: International relations is one of the most dynamic subjects in political science that needs extensive research, especially what is happening in the present world. To explore other countries’ constitutions, it is necessary to understand the all-around idea of the governance structure followed in that particular country. Also, studying international power describes the entire power structure of the state and its influence on other countries. Political science as a subject has a significant influence on the power dynamics, and learning more about the Power of status, resources, and abilities is crucial to make a conclusive and explanatory answer for the assessments. Online academic experts at Aussie assignment helpers can explain to you the process of topic selection and methods to conduct research.

Judiciary: Judiciary is always viewed as a significant pillar of the government in nearly all the political states. The judiciary applications involve checking the laws working in a particular state and ensuring justice for the people. Also, in many democracies, the role of the judiciary is not restricted to providing justice to the people, and instead, it is viewed as the guardian or protector of the state. The judiciary’s primary works are the protection of citizens’ rights, preventing the governments from implementing authoritative laws, and preventing executives’ arbitrary actions. However, to have sound knowledge of the subject, it is essential to learn the judicial administration procedure, advisory functions, and judicial inquiry functions. You can always call our academic experts at any time. Clear all your doubts regarding the assignments at Aussie Assignment Helper.

Questions That Will Help You Get an Idea of Constitutional Law Assignments

Explain the nature of Human rights and their implications on freedom?

The innate rights provided to the individual due to the virtue of being human are considered human rights. Fundamental human rights are always available for humans regardless of age, gender, religion, race, ethnicity, or another status. Some fundamental human rights are:

  • Right to freedom from torture
  • Right to equal treatment
  • Right to privacy
  • Right to marry
  • Right to work and dignified life, etc.

The evolution of human rights is also essential for concept building. Such questions in the assignment papers need a precise yet effective approach for students. The significance of human rights and its implications on freedom covers a very vast domain, and understanding it from the basics can help you write a great answer. Cover the essentials and make your assignment well-researched and instructive.  

What is the principle of Constitutional interpretations?

The constitution is a vast concept to understand. Many aspects of the constitution are crucial to excel in this domain. In the case of a written constitution, it is crucial to note that it is a set of rules drafted by the constitution-makers, and the entire governance of any state works on it. However, multiple principles work along with the constitutional laws significant for constitutional interpretations. Primarily the Australian constitution deals with basic principles like democracy, separation of powers, the rule of law, federalism, and the balance between rights and nationhood. However, interpretation of the constitution, especially the principles that the authority keeps in mind while interpreting the constitution, are effective for the healthy working of the governance and the citizens of that concerned state. Also, the principles followed by the different countries need to be studied like:

  • Moral reasoning
  • Historical practice
  • Textualism
  • Original meaning
  • Judicial precedent
  • Pragmatism and Structuralism.

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