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Corporate law is basically a set of rules that is confined to the best practice to handle the operations and formations of the corporations. Subjects like corporate law do confine to the practices that benefit nearly all the stakeholders of the company. There are certain topics essential to excel in this subject like legal personality, limited liability, transferable shares, delegated management, investor ownership, etc. At the same time, students are also required to be prepared for the cases that involve the interests of Owners, Directors, Officers, Employees, Creditors, and Debtors.

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Corporate Law Assignment Topics

Corporate Governance: A comparatively routine procedure is conducted while running day to day operations of the company. Such a set of rules, laws, or processes ensures the best governance and management practices for the organisation. It assists in directing and controlling the legal as well as regular works of the company. However, topics like corporate governance examples, definitions, and principles are crucial to writing presentable answers for the business and corporate law assignments.

  • Ownership and shareholders
  • Delegations of the board of directors
  • Management and compensation
  • Transparency, communication, and disclosure
  • International environment for corporate governance
  • Corporate social responsibility, etc., is important for the assignments. 

Legal Communication: Students recently enrolled in the field of law, like corporate law, business law, criminal law, or constitutional law, are not aware of the types of business communications practised at a professional level. Still, writing a number of projects simultaneously allows you to rehearse individual techniques and formats that are valuable for your grades. Certain formats and terms are described here in our Company Law Assignment Help course. Check them out and learn more about the terms.

  • Disclosures
  • Disclaimers
  • Fact-based or marketing communications
  • Reporting and Employee manuals
  • Internal communication

Competition Law: Competition law is to regulate and discourage certain anti-competitive practices that are gradually becoming a part of contemporary businesses. The terms and procedures described in the competitive market practices are applied to make the market a good and profitable workplace for various companies regardless of their working capital and size. Certain issues also relate to the consumers like pricing policies of the companies, consumer services, poor quality products, predatory pricing, etc. common topics from the competition law assignment syllabus:

  • Definitions (Agreement, Consumer, Goods, Cartel, Practice, Relevant Turnover, etc.)
  • Dominance in Relevant Market, Predatory Pricing, and Abuse of dominance.
  • Merger, amalgamation, acquisition, and takeover.
  • Current takeaways in the field of competition law. 

Bankruptcy Law: The condition where a company or an organisation is unable to pay its financial obligations or repay its debts is described as a condition of bankruptcy. However, there are a lot of complications while understanding certain confusing terms like bankruptcy and insolvency. As discussed above, the technical understanding of the terms related to laws and legislations must be covered comprehensively to assure excellent marks in the assessments. Topics like emergency bankruptcy, business bankruptcy, involuntary bankruptcy, credit counselling, joint bankruptcy, and many others are relevant for your preparation.

Law And Justice in A Globalising World: Such topics asked in law are a must when it comes to scoring an A+ in this segment. To excel in factual topics like the one given above, you have to comprehensively cover all the essential aspects of globalisation along with the relevant topics from the law. The part of globalisation that is essential to be covered by the students are:

  • The impact of law in welfare states.
  • The impact of certain laws on human rights all around the world.
  • The impact of intellectual property rights.
  • The concept of global justice and global laws
  • Prominent legal institutions and their role in global issues.
  • Impact on Trade and Investment law

Comparative Public Law: The comparative study that refers to the laws being in action in different countries regarding the regulations for the general public. A public law is nothing but a set of rules that defines the relationship between the governing authority, i.e., the state and its citizens. However, a comparative study of public laws prevailing in various countries promotes advancements and a pinch of innovation in the policies usually opted by the countries.

  • Form of government and their basic principles.
  • Constitutional foundations of powers, checks and balances, etc.
  • French concept of Separation of Powers
  • Global Administrative Law
  • Dicey’s Concept of Rule of Law
  • Model of Federalism and Concept of Quasi-Federalism
  • Presidential and Parliamentary forms of Government, etc.

Sample Questions Asked in Business and Corporate Law Assignment

What is the difference between Corporate and Business Law?

While business law focuses more on the internal issues of the company like its merger, amalgamation, acquisitions, and rights of the shareholders, unlike business law, corporate law deals with the legal issues managed by the businesses from time to time. It refers to the rules and regulations set by the governing authority for the business that relates to the distribution of goods or services as well as the sales of the company.

What is a Memorandum of Association?

One of the core documents of a company, the Memorandum of association, refers to the set of rules and regulations that ought to be followed by the organisation. The MoA is documented at the time of formation of the company and covers the essential details that set the internal constitution of the company. However, the MoA makes it clear in a number of cases the regulations that guide the overall business of the company. Related topics that can be covered by the students are Articles of association, Memorandum of conversation, Memorandum of understanding, and Constitutional documents of the company. You can reach out to an Assignment helper in case of professional assistance or a reliable corporate law assignment help.

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