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What is a Business Ethics Assignment?

Business ethics is a system of the producers, tactics, and processes that businesses must follow to build significant trust with the consumer. It is a concept focused on the controversial and ethical dilemmas and issues that any organisation faces. There are different genres of business ethics that include ethics in terms of values and others in terms of actions. The value ethics include insider trading restrictions, minimum wage, environmental regulations, etc. Ethics in terms of actions include management behaviour, effects and hierarchy in the company, activities of the employees and the employer, etc.

Business ethics is a concept expected to be well known by all the individuals working in an organisation. To take up the organisation’s activities and effectively run it, there is a particular set of ethics that are supposed to be followed by the employees. Ethics are fundamental values and actions that must be considered by the employees working in a company. To develop the ability to work and maintain a great environment in the firm, they practice business ethics. The students are taught business ethics as a crucial subject of their academic tenure, and they shall be aware of the industry rules and regulations for effective working. The organisations must practise an active set of business ethics for actively running up all the activities and improving the overall success that the institution gains.

It is the study of appropriate company policies regarding possibly controversial subjects involving corporate governance, bribery, insider trading, discrimination, and corporate social responsibilities. The law mostly guides business ethics, and other times, it provides a general guideline that organisations can select to follow to gain public approval. It ensures that a specific basic level of trust exists among consumers and different forms of market candidates with companies. The idea of business ethics established in the 1960s as firms became more aware of the growing consumer-based society that mentioned concerns related to the environment, corporate responsibility, and social causes.   

Business ethics is concerned with controlling such actions that may be intentionally or unintentionally practiced at the organisation. Such actions may lead the company to lose customers and may result in a wrong impression amongst its customers. Business ethics is essential to have control over all the activities and keep a smooth check on the actions for smooth functioning. There are mainly seven principles of business ethics assignment help that include:

  1. Politics without principles.
  2. Wealth without work.
  3. Commerce without morality.
  4. Knowledge without character.
  5. Pleasure without conscience.
  6. Science without humanity.
  7. Worship without sacrifice.

Best Business Ethics Assignment Topics From Professional Helpers

The employees working in a firm have a particular set of responsibilities that they are supposed to perform and follow. These include maintaining a good environment in the company, not involving in useless arguments, not comparing the performances, maintaining assets of the firm etc.

Personal responsibility: 

Personal responsibility is similar to organisational responsibility as the employees are considered polite and punctual at the company, keep a good word, effectively complete their work and tasks, help the company grow extensively, etc. There are many other personal responsibilities like being loyal to the company, not disclosing the internal secrets outside the company etc.; that the employees must follow.

Legal responsibility: 

There are specific laws on which the company works; these include the rules and responsibilities. Many other legal responsibilities like maintaining trade secrets, data preaching, firm environment etc., are all parts of the legal responsibilities of an employee. There are strict actions that the company can righteously take for eliminating the risk of organisational loss.

Official responsibility: 

The company is an entity that is run by the employees’ efforts. There are a particular set of official responsibilities that are supposed to be followed by the employees. Officially, the employees must take specific actions by promoting the products and services, bringing newer potential clients, etc. The official responsibilities are considered a part of the business ethics as it helps the firm gain ultimate success and develop with better avenues and reach newer heights.

Representative or official responsibility:

The employees are the official representatives of the organisation, and hence they must not leave a chance to usher the company to higher levels. It is considered the employees’ official responsibility to help the firm gain better clients and work on betterment. The conglomerate needs the employees to actively practice development avenues and be loyal to the firm’s ways of working and complete their work effectively.

Corporate social responsibility-

Corporate social responsibility is the concept that a business must play a positive job in the community and consider company decisions’ social and environmental impact. It is slightly linked to sustainability. All these focus on non-financial elements that businesses, large and small, must consider while making decisions. In contemporary times, there has been a change in CSR to social target. Many organisations have turned from having a group strategy and an excellent mindset to embracing a whole method in everything they do. It may involve a wide range of methodologies and initiatives, all things from environmental practices to the community’s involvement.

Fiduciary responsibilities-

Fiduciary responsibility refers to the legal obligation of an individual or an enterprise to act in the most suitable interest of its clients. A fiduciary is someone entrusted with the accountability to manage money and another asset of its clients. As an example- the trustees of mutual funds have a fiduciary duty to secure the interest and benefit of the investors. As a fiduciary, an individual is lawfully accountable to the client. It’s, therefore, essential and crucial to understanding whether your distributor or advisor has a responsibility towards you or not.

Insider trading-

It is also known as insider dealing, is the misconduct of buying and selling securities like bonds and equity by the insiders of an organisation, including the employees, executives, and directors. To avoid such acts and to encourage fair trading in the market of common investors, the stock market regulator. It is one of the most severe misconducts that exist in the market. That person could be a director, employee, relative, banker or any legal person to the business or even an official of the stock exchanges, employees, and trustees of an asset management business that worked with an organisation.

Corporate espionage-

Corporate espionage is also called economic espionage, corporate spying, or economic espionage is the practice of utilising methods for financial or commercial purposes. We generally think of espionage in terms of spies working on behalf of a single government that tries to acquire information about another. Many techniques and spies perform in both realms. Corporate espionage involves private organisations spying on other private organisations. Governments get into the zone, too and especially in nations where many organisations are owned by states, and the government views economic development as a critical national goal.

Environmental Responsibility-

It is one of the elements of CSR has been argued over the past few years, as stakeholders enhance need for companies to become more ecologically aware and socially responsible. In the old business hierarchy, environmental protection was believed only in relative to the public interest. The public sector is focused on the improvement of policies and the imposition of sanctions as means to enable environmental security. The industries and their duties have been evolving, with the private sector getting more active in the security of the environment. Many corporations and huge companies provide strategies for the security of environmental growth.

Frequent Business Ethics Questions:

What is the importance of business ethics?

Business ethics is essential as it has many implications on many levels. There have been many awareness programs that are being introduced in the companies concerning the governance issues, social issues, environmental issues, company’s reputation etc. Many things keep happening in the organisation, such as unethical practices by employees or outsiders, lousy privacy procedures and protections, etc., which could lead the company to a data breach.

Explain the term economic responsibility in business ethics.

The economic responsibilities include all the economic factors of the organisation like the work ratio, usage of resources, contribution to the company’s success etc. There are several economic terms that are supposed to be considered by the employees to help the firm economically grow as well. The employees must contribute efficiently to gain the ultimate profits and success, which is why it is also a part of business ethics. 

Explain what is moral compass and if it is quantifiable or not?

We can’t deny that life can be challenging, and navigating the complex waters of interpersonal relations and decision making can be daunting. We make good or bad decisions that discuss our behaviour. While shopping in the supermarket, we can quickly hide an expensive container of spices in our pocket-sized to save $5; most people select not to do that. The answer to these questions can widely be mentioned as our moral compass.

Sources of morality-

  • Religion
  • Social institutions
  • Family
  • Culture
  • Universal values

How to identify an ethical business and discuss its characteristics?

If you badly want to earn a reputation as an ethical business, then it needs commitment. Most organisations are economically driven, and it’s quite possible to be ethical and successful both. But there is a slight line between choices for economic gain and deciding things that will not negatively affect others. Ethical companies know the difference.

Characteristics of identifying an ethical business are-

  • Ethical leadership that is strong
  • Core value statement
  • Fairness and integrity
  • Respect for customers and employees
  • Loyal relations between customers and employees
  • Concern for environment and people 

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