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Basic of Change Management

Change Management refers to a transformation in the organisational goals, technologies, processes, and core values of an organisation. The main aim behind the change in the organisations is the initiative to successfully implement several strategies and methods that affect the change and help people to accept the changes. According to research, it is believed that only 38% of people in an organisation are ready to leave their comfort zones and enter a new place. The rest, 62% in the business, get fearful and discomforted with the idea of change. There are mainly three types of organisational changes: development change, transitional change, and transformational change. There are not many instances when the organisations practise change management, but some of them are the mergers and acquisitions, change in leadership, crisis, change in the organisational culture and implementation of new technology. Aussie Assignment Helper has the best Change Management Assignment Help available for the students seeking any kind of help or is stuck at any point while writing assignments. One of the most complicated topics in change management is the challenges that are faced by the organisation when practising change management are the definition of goals, lack of great alignment and poor leadership, identification of the resources required to make a change in the success, slow processing of approvals, planning of further steps, conflicts and fear, resistance to change and lack in the commitments etc.

Frequent Topics in Change Management Assignments

1.Resistance to Change: Resistance to change is defined as the obstacles that exist in the way of development with newer methodologies and technology. There are specific changes in the technology and methodologies that keep coming from time to time at regular intervals. But at the same time, there are also older methods and techniques which exist in the organisations and are in the comfort zone of the individuals. The resistance to change practices in organisations are in the form of strikes, protests, and implicit behaviour of the employees.

2.Leading Change: Leading change in change management refers to changing the manner of leading any particular leadership method. Leading change is a process that cannot be adapted very quickly. The process of the leading change includes:

  •  Acknowledging and accepting the need for change
  •  Communicating the need and involving people in the change development
  •  Developing change plans
  •  Implementing change plans
  •  Evaluating the progress and celebrating the success.

3.Communicating: Communication plays the role of a lubricant in the change management process. The leaders can not under or over-communicate when it comes to initiating change. Communication is indeed one of the most challenging issues in an organisation, and most employees complain about inadequate communication. While practising change, the leaders are expected to deliver effective communication to the employees through means like peaking, writing, video training, bulletin boards, focus groups etc., consistently and frequently so that the employees are informed about the change and get time to process an adapt the same.

4.Change Agents: The change agent in the process of change management is the person within or outside the organisation that helps it transform by focusing on matters like organisational effectiveness, improvement, and development. The change agent in an organisation mainly focuses on the changing technologies and tasks on the interpersonal groups and relationships in an organisation and the structure.

5.Organisational Change Management: Organisational change management is a framework used to manage the effect of the new business processes, cultural changes, and changes in the organisational structure. Organisational change management requires an organisation’s people to learn new skills and behaviour. The best way to practise systematic organisational change management is by setting expectations, communicating proactively, seeking a manner of misinformation reduction, and employing tools for management reduction.

6.Organisational Culture: The organisational culture is a section of beliefs, values and norms that characterise an organisation and impacts the behaviour of the company values and the individuals. The organisational culture is vital for an organisation as it makes it easier for the workforce to understand what tasks are taking place in an organisation and builds their trust in the leader’s capability for moving ahead with changes.

7.Risks in Change Management: The risks are a crucial part of change management. Not all individuals in the organisation are active to change, and there is no guarantee that the changes made will yield good results. There are several risks in change management: the impact on the customers, and suppliers, legacy of the failed change, fatigue, confusion, stress, saturation in change, and decline in the employees’ morale.

Frequent Assignment On Change Management Questions

What are the Models of Change Management?

For effective implementation of change management, the organisations use mainly three types of models: Lewin’s change management model, McKinsey7S model, and Kotter’s 8 step change model. The Lewin’s change management model follows the unfreeze refreeze function, the McKinsey’s 7S model follows the seven factors of operating, which are the strategy, shared values, systems, staff, style, and skills and last but not the least the Kotter’s 8 step change model which is:

  1.       Creating urgency
  2.       Putting a team together
  3.       Developing strategies and vision
  4.       Communicating change vision
  5.       Removing obstacles
  6.       Set short term goals
  7.       Keeping the momentum
  8.       Making the change stick


What is Strategic Change Management?

Strategic change is the implementation of the changes that are essential characteristics of business-like threats and opportunities in the market. Strategic change management refers to the procedure of managing the change in an organisation in a structured and thoughtful manner to meet the organisational goals and missions. Strategic change is hard to predict and control, which is why organisations prefer to prepare for all the potential scenarios for the company’s durability.

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