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Human Resource Management Meaning

Human resource management is the procedure of recruiting, hiring, deploying, and managing the employees of an organisation. Human resource management is a constituent of management that deals with the process of recruiting, selection, induction of employees, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation, etc. Human resource management deals with the well-being and safety of the employees of an organisation. Keeping the welfare of the organisations’ human resources is the most important as they directly contribute to the organisation’s work. HRM is a critical function in an organisation as, without human resources, the companies may not effectively recruit or retain the employees. To gain a competitive advantage and do well in the market, any organisation must have a great working environment.

Human resource management in an organisation is responsible for dealing with the procurement, training, development, and maintenance of human resources. There are many objectives that the organisation is supposed to achieve, including individual objectives, organisational objectives, and social objectives. All the aspects of the employees in an organisation, along with factors like human resource planning, job analysis, recruitment, conducting job interviews, career planning, quality of work-life, employee discipline etc., come under human resource management. Human resource management has been evolved from personnel management which is used to manage employees. The essential feature of human resource management is to motivate the employees and manage the work balance in a manner that the employees are always encouraged to work better and contribute more for the betterment of the organisation. Human resource management assignment help is available at Aussie assignment helper who is stuck while writing the assignments at any point in time.

Constant Assignment Topics in Human Resource Management

Compensation Management: Compensation management is a tool that is used by the management of an organisation for various purposes like payments, bonuses, profit sharing, overtime pay, recognition rewards and sales commissions. Compensation in human resource management also includes non-monetary perks like the company paid car, housing, and other stock opportunities. Compensation is one of the most integral parts of human resource management as when the employees are compensated well; there is a higher chance of them working with more efficiency.

Employee Communication: Employee communication is defined as the sharing of information and idea amongst the management of an organisation to gain better opportunities and success. Communication in an organisation can increase the productivity and engagement of the employees by helping the organisation understand the employee behaviour better. Four main types of workplace communication are popular amongst organisations: verbal, body, phone, and written.

Employee Relations: Employee relations in human resource management are a subfunction that is within the human resource or the legal function of an organisation. Employee relation is an organisation that aims to develop and marinate significant and positive relationships with the employees of the company. The four main pillars of employee relations in an organisation are connection, meaning, impact and appreciation.

Conflict Management: Every organisation may have some or the other type of conflict which needs to be resolved to gain the highest profits. Conflict management is the process of identifying and handling disputes in a sensible, fair, and efficient manner. Certain styles in conflict management are supposed to be followed in the organisations. These include collaboration, competition, avoiding issues, accommodation, and compromise. Conflict management is vital for human resource management because it must apply the resolution skills to help the people understand the organisation’s functioning, and the overall work progress does not get hindered.

Employee Engagement: Employee engagement is essential in all types of organisations as having effective strategies in place helps create a great work culture, reduce staff turnover as a whole, increase the overall productivity, build better customer relationships and impact the profits of the company. Employee engagement affects the organisation’s work as a whole as the employees who are engaged in organisational development go beyond their capabilities and perform strongly. This increases employee productivity and leads to success in the project. The main components of employee engagement include validation, recognition, feedback, and actions to cultivate employee engagement. Human resource management assignment is a crucial document that helps the students get grades and improve their performances; hence they must perform exceptionally.

Performance Management: The performance management is a critical part in human resource management which is a process of communication by which the managers and the employees work together to plan, monitor, and review an employee’s operating objectives it is crucial in human resource management because it provides consistency in an organisation and brings structure to the team of the organisation. The three main types of performance management are caching, corrective actions and termination.

Human Resource Planning: Human resource planning is the most critical part of human resource management. Only if the human resources planning is inadequately done can the organisation gain optimal profits. The employees in an organisation need to be highly impactful, dedicated and have a futuristic approach. Human resource planning mainly has four steps: analysing the current labour supply, forecasting labour demand, and balancing projected labour and demand and supply to support organisational goals. Human resource planning is crucial for organisations to enable businesses to meet the current and future demands for talent.

Assignment Questions in Human Resource Management Assignment

What Is the Significance of Mentoring in Human Resource Management?

Mentoring in human resource management is an employee training system wherein an experienced or a senior mentor is designated to act as an advisor or counsellor to guide a junior or a trainee. There are mainly three types of mentoring, which include

  • Traditional mentoring, wherein a mentee and the method are matched either through a program.
  • Distance mentoring, wherein the mentoring relationship is among two parties at different locations.
  • Group mentoring, where a single mentor is matched with a unit of mentees.

Justify the Training Management system.

The training management system is considered to be a centralised hub for all employee training operations. The training management system helps develop and learn the departments design, organise, and training opportunities. A training management system is an e-learning solution for the training departments to create and monitor the training opportunities in a company and to experience design training and modules. The knowledge and development oversee the active training programs and access the quality, using future metrics, reporting, and user feedback.

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