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Are you looking for an aged care assignment help expert? Let’s crack it together. Aged care directs to providing nursing support to older people suffering from mental or physical illness who are unable to nurse themselves. However, aged care is a highly vast domain. It covers almost all the elements of ageing like an individual’s inability to perform physical work, social and psychological impact on an aged person, offering specialised care, and in-home care, implementing adequate nursing care plan and conducting an overall health care inspection of an ageing individual. Aged care nursing is a sub-discipline under the core nursing segment, and students enrolled in this subject need to explore topics of Geriatric care (study of older adults). Apart from the opportunities offered by the subject, it is evident that it demands a comprehensive understanding of some essential topics like Cognitive disorder, Health assessment, Pathophysiology of ageing, Alder abuse, etc. 

However, understanding aged care is no rocket science, but developing a proper perspective can assist you in dealing with your aged care assignment even more effectively. Well, assignments have changed the priorities of the contemporary academic curriculum, and it has slowly evolved as a crucial tool for rehearsing complex topics linked to the subject. Apparently, the ghosts of assignments haunt students, but our belief system and work culture have made it possible to score extraordinarily in this segment. Our tutors have the potential to provide you with excellent guidance and learning for almost all the topics. Unlike many assignment writing services, here you will get access to our best tutors, who are PhD experts and educators having years of experience in this field. At the same time, free assignment samples provided at the end of the course are something that will help you to get acquainted with the different assignment formats asked by the distinguished universities in Australia. For now, our assignment experts have handpicked some of the core topics from the aged care nursing syllabus. Do read them and comprehend the outline of our aged care assignment help course.

Key Topics from Aged Care Nursing Syllabus

Cognitive disorders: The weakening of the cognitive functions that delay or hampers the mental and physical ability of an individual. Such a state is considered a cognitive disorder. In humans, cognitive disorders are of different types and can be caused by various factors like Alzheimer’s disease, Attention deficit disorder, Early-onset dementia, Epilepsy-related cognitive dysfunction, etc. Studying such cognitive disorders in aged care nursing is extremely important to improve the mental and physical health of the elderly. Being a nursing professional or writing an outstanding nursing assignment, it is essential to recognise multiple aspects like, 

  • The ongoing investigation in the field of cognitive disorder and aged care. 
  • Strategies to be used while preparing an extensive nursing care plan for an individual suffering from cognitive disorders.
  • Examining the symptoms, diagnosis, and care in such cases. 
  • Learning the types of cognitive disorders like Parkinson’s disease (cognitive dysfunction).

Health assessments: Basically, a health assessment or health risk assessment is conducted to gather or analyse the relevant data regarding an individual’s health status. Among the crucial aspects that are studied in this test include:

  • Hazard identification (data collection and pinpointing of potential concerns).
  • Toxicity assessment (analysing data concerning the toxicity level and generating toxicity value).
  • Risk characterisation (focuses on the classification of risk).
  • Exposure analysis (recognises possible exposures).

As evident that aged care as a subject offers an important place for health assessments to determine the current health status of an elderly person. Health assessment is also crucial to determine and comprehend the possible risk to an individual and analyse the exposure they might face in day-to-day life. 

Alder abuse: The definition strictly states that every act that is intentional and that may cause or have created a risk for an older person (aged person/adult) is deemed as an Alder abuse. Here, the age bar has been taken as 60 or above for being an older adult. Understanding elder abuse is significant while studying aged care nursing, and it allows the health care specialists to comprehend the social environment of the patient and coordinate with them. Alder abuse cases have also been witnessed as the most prominent reasons for disturbing the mental and physical health of the affected individual.

Pathophysiology of ageing: The ability of an individual to regulate or manage homeostasis, specifically under the conditions of stress, decreases gradually with age. Pathophysiology of ageing focuses on the most contemporary molecular biology and cell culture techniques to investigate various processes related to ageing. Loss of regenerative abilities and continuous degeneration of cells increases with age and eventually advances to death. Comprehensive knowledge of the ageing mechanism, molecular biology, cognitive-behavioural practices (Anti-aging), regenerative biology, stem cell technology, DNA damage repair limit, caloric restriction, mimetics alter the genome, etc., is necessary to write a researched and well-illustrated solution. 

Palliative Care: Palliative care finds a vital part in nursing, especially aged care nursing. Palliative care refers to the care plan or approach that is offered to the patients suffering from terminal illness or patients who are expected to die. In palliative care, the primary aim of health care professionals is to ensure the patients’ quality of life and provide them with family-centred care. Nursing professionals are adequately conditioned to manage patients suffering from terminal illnesses. This domain of nursing also focuses on physical, social, emotional, and spiritual issues faced by the patients, specifically the elderly persons. Explore more such topics and try optimising the aged care syllabus as far as possible. 

Psychological care: With the advent of modern psychology, the overall dynamics of contemporary health care have been transformed to a specific limit. Psychological care is a new subdomain in the field of nursing that deals with the provisions of social, spiritual, and psychological care related to the health of the patient. Applying the concepts of psychology to improve the patient’s mental health conditions and help them recover faster is the core focus of the subject. Nursing students must have an aptitude to develop a psychological environment for the patient and make them experience the sociological context that helps them recover accordingly. Topics that can be essential for students while writing assignments like interprofessional care, barriers to psychological care, the importance of communication in psychological care, data collection and analysis, ethical consideration, and studying variables like (gender, age, experience, ethnicity, nationality, educational background, etc.) and implications of psychological care.

Sample Questions from the Aged Care Assignment:

Explain the Immune changes experienced in the older adult? 

The immune system is a natural system that prevents foreign pathogens and bodies from entering a living organism. Here, foreign elements, pathogens, and vectors stand for the substances that may cause possible harm or damage to the human body. The immune system gets weak with aging. A weak immune system allows different pathogens to enter the human body and increases the chances of illness. Along with this, the ability of an aged person to respond to the vaccines and certain medications also decreases. However, apprehending the basics that can be beneficial for improving the patient’s immunity is the primary task of a health care professional while taking care of an aged individual. Learning the importance of a healthy schedule that must include exercise, healthy eating habits, avoiding intake of alcoholic substances, and adequate understanding of the vaccine and medication will allow students to prepare a definitive case study. Still, if you are searching for a nursing assignment writing service, think twice about different available options. Assignment helper is focused on making you learn all the essential topics of the subject and eventually provide the best assistance in terms of learning, instead of shortcuts.

Explain the role of the aged care nurse? 

Aged care nurses are trained professionals who are responsible for the better health and well-being of older people in society. Some of the top priorities of a senior care individual include: 

  • Conducting an overall health assessment of a patient. 
  • Making a strategy that suits the patient. 
  • Controlling infection and prevention. 
  • Preparing an overall meal strategy to focus on immunity building. 
  • Providing a healthy environment for the patient’s psychological, emotional, and physical development. 
  • Providing palliative and restorative care to the patient. 
  • Developing a pain management strategy. 

Answer writing focuses on the professional approach that is based on critical thinking, problem-solving, emotional resilience, extraordinary communication skills, and strategy building. Do prefer reading the topics that are practical and have applied importance. 

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