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What is Anthropology?

Anthropology refers to the study that makes us human. There are several thousands of aspects of being a human which is deeply studied in anthropology. Anthropology is considered to be the study of the people, present and past, which focuses the most on the understanding of the human condition both biologically and culturally. The main aim of anthropology is to pursue a holistic understanding and the relation between language, culture, and human biology. Medical anthropologists analyse how the individual’s health, social formations and the environment are affected by the interrelationships among humans and other species. The cultural norms, social institutions, micro and macro politics, globalisation forces etc., affect the local world to a great extent. The most expected doubt when it comes to anthropology is that is it a science or an art, so anthropology is a scientific study of human behaviour concerned with human behaviour, human biology, cultures, linguistics and society, including the past and present human species.

Different Assignment Topics in Anthropology

Cultural anthropology: Cultural anthropology is an extension of anthropology focused on studying the cultural variation that has taken part in human existence. One of the most familiar examples of cultural anthropology is exploring the language learned and shared among the people of a particular culture, determining the meaning of the things the past people have left behind. The main branches of cultural anthropology are anthropological linguistics and ethnology. Cultural anthropology mainly studies the common cultural system of humans and how they organise and shape their ideas, physical environments, and behaviours.

Biological anthropology: Biological anthropology is a branch of anthropology that mainly emphasises the biological and evolutionary aspects of human existence. The diversity and elaboration of human beings and the living fossil relatives are all parts of biological anthropology. It also focuses on studying how actually they have adapted to their environments and have gotten merged into them to enhance their existence. The people who study biological anthropology mainly focus on the biological remains of the human beings that also include the past diets and the prevalence of the ancient diseases, curable or incurable

Archeology: Archeology is an essential part of anthropology. It is a study of the past humans and cultures which is done through the material remains. The archeology anthropology mainly studies the excavation, analysis, and interpretation of artifacts, cultural processes, and the soils. Archeology is considered to be highly similar to anthropology as it focuses on the human culture’s understanding of the past and history up to the recent past. Archeology is mainly the study of past civilisations, whereas anthropology is the study of contemporary cultures and their historical origins.

Linguistic anthropology: Linguistic anthropology refers to the study of society that defines society or culture. Linguistics anthropology mainly studies human communication across the globe, which attempts to understand how any language and its linguistic practices interconnect with the cultural processes, world views, ideologies and identities. The main genres in linguistic anthropology include historical anthropology, descriptive anthropology, and social linguistics.

Evolutionary anthropology: Evolutionary anthropology is one of the most important parts of anthropology. It studies the interdisciplinary study of human evolution, physiology, and behaviour. Evolutionary anthropology also focuses on the relationship between the hominid and the hominid primates. Evolution anthropology considers physical and biological anthropology as its essential part as it deals with the evolution of humans, their variability, environmental stress and adaptations. Evolution being the progression that results in the changes in the genetic material of a population over a period of time, considers all the aspects of anthropology to analyse and study the meaning of the existence deeply.

Anthropology of development: The anthropology of development is considered a term that is applied to anybody of the anthropological work that interprets the development through a significant perspective. There are several issues addressed under anthropology of development: the implications of approach and application of research. It includes the applied research used to produce the supporting data for the planned interventions, the contribution to the evaluation planning, the contributions of development projects, the attempt to build local participation in the project, etc. The anthropology of development focuses on the multidisciplinary fields that focus on the economic, social and political changes.

Legal anthropology: Legal anthropology, also known as the cross-cultural stud of social ordering, is a special sub-discipline of anthropology. The law and anthropology analyse the relationship shared among the society, culture, and law in the society at different levels of the political, economic, and social complexity. Where anthropology offers a cross-cultural validates generic law concept, it also clarifies the other important legal concepts like human rights and religion.

Frequent Assignment Questions

1. What is the consequence of medical anthropology?

Medical anthropology focuses on studying how health and illness are shaped and experienced to understand the light of global, political, and historical forces. It focuses on studying the health of individuals and the larger social formations, and the environment is affected by the interrelationships between the species and other humans. An example of medical anthropology is researching the AIDS impact has on central African societies. There were several consequences of the war on the Sri Lankan families and Guatemala. This also impacted the reproductivity of the technologies.

2. Explain socio-cultural anthropology.

Socio-cultural anthropology is used to refer to cultural and social anthropology altogether. Socio-cultural anthropology is one of the essential branches of anthropology. These branches focus on the study of society and culture as a whole. The most particular example of socio-cultural anthropology is the embracing of humanities when investigating the realms as expressive cultures. These also include music, performance, texts, material arts, architecture, semiotic media etc.

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