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Epidemiology is the practice used to find the reasons for diseases and health outcomes in populations. In epidemiology, the patient could be a community or individuals who have been viewed collectively. By definition of mean, epidemiology is the study of scientific, data-driven and systematic which has been distributed in frequency, pattern and determinants which causes, risk factors for health-related states and events that are not just diseases in specified populations but could be in our neighbourhood, school, global, state, city, country. It is also the application in controlling health problems. Epidemiology is the medical science field that works on the principle of finding factors or reasons that could be why any disorder or disease might be available in the first place. These researches clear the understanding of humankind about such unknown diseases or disorders; it includes detailed information and statistical data about the respective topic of research. 

Under nursing Epidemiologist students study the injuries that usually occur related to injuries and diseases. The data required is gathered in census data, reportable disease records and vital statistics. Nurse epidemiologists specify people at high risk and work by monitoring the progress, determining and prioritising, calculating the health needed and accordingly scope, size and evaluating the impact. They do not supply direct patient care; instead, they serve the resources set according to educational programmes. Calculating the statistical analyses about morbidity and mortality and publishing the results also come under it. These are the skills required for an Epidemiologist:

  • Should have analytical and mathematical abilities.
  • Understanding non-infectious and infectious diseases.
  • Passion for public well-being and improving health is needed.
  • Capability to pinpoint populations at menace.
  •  Understanding of health policy.
  •  Must plan schedules and health assistance.

Hence, we understand the need for Epidemiology assignment help by many students, and this is why we are here to assist you with your tough topics or subjects of Epidemiology.

Highlights of Probable Topics from the Epidemiology Syllabus

Epidemiology is not just about examining the cause of infectious diseases like malaria, polio, typhoid, and tuberculosis; epidemiology researches the cause affecting the whole population’s physical and mental health. It could be hard to be so focused in the profession, but side by side, you also need to make an assignment which could be frustrating after a long day in classes. If you want help with epidemiology assignments, you are at the right place because our tutors are all qualified and can help you with your assignments’ queries and the necessary content. These are a few branches that majorly needs attention regarding this subject:

Epidemiology for Disasters

Under this branch of epidemiology, research on the cause and reason for any tragedy or disaster takes place, including methods to decrease the harmful effects of the same. There are only two types of epidemiology: natural and another one is human-made disasters. If we talk about man-made tragedies, these are some of the criteria that fall under them, like oil and chemical spills, technical loopholes, nuclear accidents, economic breakdowns, etc. Under natural disasters, events like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and avalanches happen under natural disasters. It’s the work of a disaster epidemiologist to help disaster relief with the help of experts that will help those people in crises and suffering. 

Epidemiology for Travel

All the health-related hazards fall under this branch of epidemiology, associated explicitly with traveller groups. During an outbreak of any pandemic or disaster, the travel epidemiologist assists the travellers in having a safe journey. For instance, if someone is going to climb an high altitude, that person can face these certain conditions like heat exhaustion, dehydration, frostbite, snow blindness, etc., so under Epidemiology for Travel, students learn to deal with and take the necessary actions which could be the demand of the situation of disaster. 

Epidemiology of Molecules

This branch of Epidemiology deals with the epidemiological cases studied using molecular biology. Some techniques come under molecular biology: DNA cloning, polymerase chain reaction, transfection, and cell screening. With the help of such methods, the health workers investigate the origin of the disease under study and all other aspects related to it. It all sounds fascinating but, at the same time, too much to study, right? But this field of study demands passion and focus at a time. Further, our team will assist you with reliable help with epidemiology assignments you will be in need of. 

Epidemiology Enteric

Enteric diseases happen when you eat polluted food and water. According to the stats, thousands of adults and around 2 million children die due to foodborne diseases every year. Enteric bacteria generally enter through the mouth to the body and then infect the whole body by living inside the host body, weakening its immunity and multiplying their number inside the host body. It spreads through the contaminated water and food which come into contact with animals, through the contact of faeces of an infected person with the typical Vector or Carrier, i.e., flies.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Related to Epidemiology Assignments

Define Epidemiology?

Epidemiology is the Study of the disbandment and determinants of topics that are health-related or events in a specific population and, accordingly, the measures taken under such health problems. Epidemiologists are about to know what causes disease and how the disease spreads in the first place, and what measures should be taken to prevent those diseases from the population or society. These are some basic terms that get used under epidemiology frequently:

  • Distribution: It represents the frequency and routine of health consequences that get exposures in a population.
  • Frequency: It indicates the total number of occurrences at a particular time. For instance, The number of HIV cases in a particular population gets affected in any country. 
  • Pattern: Incidence that takes place in health and outcome keeps happening regularly or irregularly, making a map of occurrence. 
  • Determinant: Reasons or elements which influence the event of disease or health.
  • Risk Factor: It is associated with the increase in the number of occurrences of a disease outbreak. 
  • Population at risk: When certain people or a group of people fall under the Study of certain diseases. 

Explain the method to compare Disease rates?

These are the following terms linked to the process of comparing disease rates:

  • Rate: It is a measure to determine the frequency in a limited period which is the time dimension required for it to be a rate. With the help of rate, you can determine how fast the disease emerges.
  • Age-Adjusted Rate: A rate adjusted to eradicate the effect of different age distributions, which differ from population to population. Which assures you can compare two or more populations belonging to different age distributions.
  • Crude Rate: Total rate for the total population in a span of time. This rate is not confined to a special group or adjusted for any subgroups in the population.

What are measures of Error and Bias in the context of Epidemiology?

When a trend in a collection undergoes analysis, publication, interpretation, or review of data that leads to a decision that is systematically distinct from the reality is known as Bias. When the result of an outcome gets mixed with the result of another confounder, which forms the connection between risk factors and disease that will be explained by a third factor that is in association with both factors. Under the same topic, Adjusted Odd Ratio and Adjusted Relative Risk were also taken into consideration.

Why Do Students Seek Epidemiology Assignment Help

Epidemiology is an exciting subject that requires a sound conceptual understanding of biology, mathematics, geography and statistics. It is not easy to study these many subjects and then be supposed to make all the assignments regarding under a short period of the deadline. We have seen multiple students who are pretty good in their studies but cannot complete their assignments in time. Below are some of the reasons listed just in case you face any one of these. We make sure you get the appropriate guidance you need. 

Lack of conceptual understanding: While epidemiology is not a new subject, the resources available are inadequate. All the books, literature, and journals under the course make it difficult for students to collect acceptable data regarding any topic. And this is why we ensure that every student under our roof gets the organic notes that are subject or topic-oriented and made by our top facilities, which are PhDs and Graduates. That’s not where the job ends, but the tutors assigned to you will assist you with all the help you need about course studies or assignments. They will also be an excellent epidemiology homework help for you for sure. 

Insufficient knowledge of the topic: Epidemiology is a complex subject, and it is essential to have in-depth knowledge about the subject, which only is required to write all the assignments you will be assigned. This is where our epidemiology tutors will be assisting you with all your studies in which you are either weak or need more attention. We know that just theoretical knowledge will not help you in your practical classes; it only will be sufficient to complete the assignments. Do not worry, as for that purpose; our qualified tutors will help you do well. Hence you will be scoring good in your class. That is our purpose.

What Students Ask About Epidemiology Assignment Help

Who will assist me regarding my assignment and homework?

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Is online assignment help available at Aussie assignment helper?

Aussie assignment helper is a platform for providing assignment helper to the students struggling to complete their assignments on time. However, many parents and students worry about their child not getting proper attention during the online classes from the teacher; that won’t happen here. As we believe every student is unique, we pay attention to each student. If you need any aid with your assignment or source, then an epidemiology tutor online will assist you with your queries. Time is not an issue for us; you can contact your respective tutor anytime in the day; we are available 24/7 for you. So it won’t be an issue if you start your assignments late cause you will submit them on time with our assistance.  

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