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A Small Description Of Evidence-Based Nursing

Evidence-based nursing refers to collecting, processing, and then implementing the research findings to improve the overall clinical practice, patient outcome, and the work environment. Usage of evidence-based nursing helps improve the highest quality and the most efficient patient care possible. Evidence-based nursing focuses on four criteria: validity, reliability, relevance, and outcomes. The evidence-based nursing is mainly classified into two types of research that are qualitative and quantitative research.

Frequently Asked Assignment Topics in an Evidence-Based Nursing

1. Evidence-based practice process: The EBP process mainly has five steps which are:

  1. Formulating the clinical questions,
  2. Searching efficiently for the best evidence available
  3. Critically analysing the evidence
  4. Integrating the appraisal with the clinical expertise
  5. Evaluating the final outcomes.

This can also be summarised as the process of asking, searching, appraising, integrating, evaluating, and publishing. The researchers must follow a particular process when performing the evidence-based research process. This is the conversion of the information needed in the focused questions and efficiently tracking down the best evidence by answering the questions.

2. PICO: PICO abbreviates for population, intervention, comparison/ control, and outcome. It is basically a format of developing an excellent clinical research question before starting the actual research. The PICO is considered to be the strategy for framing and fore-guarding the research questions. Using the PICO improves the conceptual clarities, clinical problems, and reference interviews and leads the comprehensive information to better search strategies by yielding more precise search results.

3. Qualitative research: Qualitative research in evidence-based nursing is the one that generates new insights or knowledge to validate the existing knowledge. The data in the qualitative research mainly focuses on the thoughts, reactions, perceptions, and experiences of the participants. There is a particular system, step, ritual, and process that must be followed to generate an effective outcome. Qualitative research is mainly used to understand any topic better and gain a new perspective.

4. Phenomenology:  It is mainly the phenomenon of utilising personal experiences to gain empathy, insights and knowledge regarding any specific situation or a phenomenon. The investigator attempts to understand or describe the perception of a group or their understanding. Phenomenology is mainly based on a particular set of topics like the response of any patient to the illness, their physical disability, healthcare procedures and the healthcare work environments. There are several perspectives in the same situation, and hence the researchers can make many generalisations about something from their point of view.

5. Symbolic interactionism: This system focuses on the communication patterns, interpretation of the communication, and understanding of particular communication. This research reflects the theory in which people react and behave in response to what they believe is true and not on just what is objectively true. One of the most accurate examples of the same is the teenagers smoking and drinking, which is wrong for them, but they still practice settling into their peer group.

6. Ethnography: This research involves analysing and observing the social and cultural customer behaviours and rituals. This also teaches the understanding of any disease or illness in any culture. Ethnography requires detailed descriptions, methodical collections and information analysis for refining and developing cultural theories. It allows the reader to analyse and understand a subject group’s manner of cultural forces and life regarding the rituals, behaviours, and thoughts.

7. Quantitative research: Quantitative research contains the information that is expressed in terms of numbers, variables and percentages that seek to confirm all the problems, hypotheses, dilemmas, and objectives that can be expressed in a numerical statistic. Quantitative research in evidence-based nursing focuses mainly on narrow questions, double-blind studies, large groups of random variables etc. Some of the most crucial elements of quantitative research are the hypothesis, groups with common similarity, variables, and the ultimate outcome.

Assignment Questions in an Evidence-Based Nursing

Explain the role of grounded theory in evidence-based nursing.

The grounded theory is also known as theory building as it develops problems, concepts, and theories on a regular note. The grounded theory is mainly designed to discover the problems in a social environment. There is various research on ground-based theories that include the devising theory, testing theory and refining theory until either the core problem or solution is found.

What are the stages and steps in evidence-based nursing?

Evidence-based nursing is an approach of the health care practice that enables the nurses to provide high-quality care based on the evidence available to meet their patient’s needs. It is mainly practised as it assures that the patients receive the best care possible and encourages practitioners to deal with the massive volume of medical research and learn professional responsibility. The stages and steps in evidence-based learning are:

  • Diffusion and dissemination
  • End-user adoption
  • Knowledge and creation distillation.

This process has many other factors that impact the final result, which are:

  1. Spirit of curiosity and supporting culture
  2. Crafting clinical questions using PICOT
  3. Searching for the best evidence
  4. Evaluating the evidence.
  5. Integrating evidence
  6. evaluating the outcomes
  7. disseminating EBP results

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