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A systematic procedure followed by nursing professionals to protect and promote health at the community level is covered under public health nursing. Professional public health nurses form the base of the contemporary health care structure. They are among some crucial pillars of community health that take the responsibility to promote health awareness at the grass-root level. Public health nurse is accountable for making a draft that meets the community’s health needs, pinpoints the loopholes in the public health network, and tracks their health status. The study conducted by public health professionals is crucial for making a better public health plan and directing government laws for improved efficiency. Apart from these factors, public health also plays an integral role in defining community strength, judiciously using available resources, making scientific progress in terms of healthcare infrastructure, and maintaining the required cooperation in society.

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Have a Look At The Topics Asked in The Public Health Assignment

Immunisation: Immunisation, in simple terms, is an act of making something immune. In the case of public health nursing, immunisation is a process that uses vaccinations to protect humans or animals from getting diseased or sick. Vaccination is a technique that uses vaccines made of pathogens that helps the human immune system to get familiar with the disease-causing pathogens. It assists humans in fighting various foreign elements in the environment, potential enough to make an adverse impact on their health. Many diseases are covered under a strong vaccination plan, like diphtheria, hepatitis B, influenza, and Japanese encephalitis.

Communicable Diseases: Infections that outspread from an individual or animal to others are known as infectious diseases. Pathogens like viruses, fungi, and bacteria act as a potential cause that carries such disease. Different types of pathogens that act as carriers, including Rhinoviruses, influenza, HIV, Bacteria (e.g., Salmonella and Escherichia coli), Tuberculosis, and Athlete’s foot, are some of the most probable diseases that have a notable influence on the human health.

  • Common cold due to coronavirus, rhinovirus, and adenovirus.
  • Encephalitis and meningitis from enteroviruses.
  • Herpes simplex virus (HSV).
  • Understanding the infection and its treatments.

Reproductive and Sexual Health: Reproductive health and sexual health are some of the most considered topics in contemporary society. Still, there is a lot of misconception among researchers between reproductive health and sexual health. Reproductive health addresses the reproductive functions of the human body. The reproductive wellness and health status of an individual are decided on their ability to reproduce. At the same time, sexual wellness or sexual health relates more to the mental, physical, and social health status of an individual associated explicitly with their sexuality. The role of public health is evident from the demand for sexual and reproductive health awareness the society is facing at the current stage.

Substance Misuse: Another crucial aspect of public health that strictly deals with the misuse or excessive use of alcohol, over the counter or prescribed medicine, and illegal drugs. Still, substance abuse is something that is not solely confined to the definition and covers various topics like types of drugs, addictive drugs, medicinal usage of the drug, and preventing and controlling policies or laws. Any type of repetitive drug usage leads to the development of tolerance of the specific drug in the body. The role of nursing, especially public health professionals, in containing and treating particular types of drug mishandling is noteworthy. It includes devising a strategy or support plan for such patients, detoxification programmes, prescribing medicines, and tracking the use of controlled drugs in the prescription. 

Aging and Public Health: Aging is a natural process that enormously impacts an individual’s mental, physical, and emotional health. It is as valid as the fact that aging is an inevitable process, and a pre-planned and long-term strategy is required to track the health status of an aged person in a community. The impact of aging is evident from the decreasing capacity of an individual while performing physical work, managing financial burdens, and managing social involvement. However, being a public health student, it is necessary to evaluate the physical and social environment, sociable and cultural standards, etc., to note a well-researched response.

Mental Health and Its Measures: Nursing provides specialists with a broad scope of opportunities and a dynamic environment to work in, and Mental health care is one of them. Mental health nursing, aka psychiatric nursing, involves the care of individuals with mental disorders and helping them recover. Creating an overall assessment, conducting a diagnosis, and preparing a treatment strategy can be crucial for making a well-crafted approach. A mental health nurse is accountable for the maintenance of the medical records of the patients, consulting the healthcare professionals, spreading mental health awareness, and supporting their family members.

Questions That are Frequently Asked in the Public Health Assignment

Explain the Effect of Poverty on the Healthcare Status of the Community? 

Poverty is something that has a substantial influence on the physical and mental health of an individual. It is also directly related to the overall health status in the community. Not only an individual’s financial status but the economy of the country also matters in defining the status of health care at the community level. Lack of awareness, deteriorating healthcare infrastructure, lacking modern technology to fight and prevent infections, registering more and more healthcare experts for in-depth coverage, and many more aspects rely on the economic status of the concerned state.

Topics that must be given priority while writing answers are:

  • Policy Making and managing the macro environment.
  • Individual household status and the level of poverty.
  • Geographic accessibility and Acceptability.
  • Financial accessibility and Availability.
  • Demands for healthcare infrastructure.
  • Characteristics of healthcare services, etc.

Types of Health Reforms in Public Health Nursing? 

Health sector reforms are a significant topic that has been emphasised by the current healthcare status of the entire world. While assessing the public health care reforms and presenting the way forwards for such crucial topics, it is vital to drive thorough research. Numerous aspects need to be covered while discussing the desired reforms like financial reforms, technological reforms, substantial reforms in the public health policies and capacity building in terms of healthcare infrastructure and availability of healthcare experts. Online assignment experts are here to make sure that you cover nearly all the crucial elements that are a must for writing an excellent answer.

  • Resource generation and policy implementation.
  • Adequate funding and restructuring the fund allocation strategies.
  • Concept of decentralisation and diversion of authorities.
  • Capacity building and creating personal health awareness.
  • Complying with international laws and directives.

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