Refund Policy

Events like this happen once in a blue moon, but in some specific cases, students may demand a refund, and for this, we have devised a refund policy aligned with the goals of our organisation. Our refund policy describes certain cases. Do read them carefully to understand more about how this works. Still, we do assure full coordination and cooperation to promptly fix such refund appeals made by our clients according to the terms and conditions provided below.

On receiving fail grades:
It is unlikely to happen, but if any student receives a failing grade in the assessments on the lectures or material offered by the Aussie assignment helper, our clients can claim a refund. For requesting a refund, students need to submit some essential documents in support of their claim. Our specialist team will verify the documents and will try to examine the reasons for our clients getting a failure grade. Such documents include a copy of the grade sheet along with the remarks and feedback provided for the work. Such documents and refund requests must be submitted within the given period of 60 days. No such appeals will be entertained after 60 days from the order. The refund amount generated from our side will be credited to the client’s Aussie assignment helper’s wallet.

Expert’s unavailability:
An improbable event, but this may happen that all our experts find themselves attached to other projects. If our clients have issued a complete payment in the name of Aussie assignment helper and an expert is not assigned to the task due to the unavailability of an expert, they will be awarded a refund. The amount of refund will be credited to the client’s Aussie assignment helper wallet and can be used for further orders. Clients can order any other project or lecture of the same order value.

Missed deadlines:
Having a team of trained and experienced subject experts, there is no chance of missing deadlines. If in case we miss the deadlines, a refund can be claimed by our clients. The procedure of generating a refund in this case strictly depends on a thorough investigation performed by our team. The team employed for this task investigates the cause of such delays. If the delay is caused by the client’s side (if the query does not get an adequate response within 12hrs from your side) and any type of miscommunication or lack of information from the client’s side, in such cases Aussie Assignment helper is not liable to issue a reimbursement (either full or partial) will not be entertained.
If the investigation points out a delay from our side, a refund will get generated in the name of the client (used at the time of account formation). The refund will be credited to the Aussie assignment helper’s wallet. Conducting a thorough investigation assists us in improving our work process and taking strict actions against our experts assigned to the project.

Assured money back:
Certain conditions described here are crucial to understanding our payment policy.
• Our clients can file a refund request if your work receives a failure grade (subjected to the documents introduced in support of the application while requesting a refund).
• The refund amount does get credited in the Aussie assignment helper’s wallet and can be used for different orders placed with the same order value or can be used for further orders in the near future. We do not process cash refunds.
• For claiming a refund, it is mandatory to have original documents (grade sheet/mark sheet) supported by the remarks given by the examiner (in case of receiving a failure grade).
• Our expert thoroughly conducts an investigation. Decisions made on such recommendations are final.

Any Refund Request Will Not Get Entertained in the Cases Described Below:

  • The project (on which online help is ordered) submission deadlines are less than or equal to 72 hours.
  • In cases in which full / partial payment is pending.
  • If a time limit of 50 days has been passed after the completion of the project.
  • In cases where partial or incomplete information is provided to the tutors.

Refund requests made on our official portal will get a considerable response. A request filed using other sources like social media or other mails will not be invited.