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A student’s life is busy with attending lectures, seminars, and preparing for tests and exams, and they also need to focus on other academic activities. And with this busy schedule, writing an assignment can be challenging. But for university students, it is essential to write and submit the assignment timely because it will give them the chance to score good grades in exams. A research proposal is an essential assignment that needs original content, sufficient facts and figures to demonstrate the study proposal. However, you must remember that before writing a research proposal, you must write a research paper. A research proposal is a paper written before you start doing any research. Looking at the challenges that come with writing a research proposal assignment. Students usually seek research proposals online help. Moreover, they also search for how to write a research paper. You can contact us if you are also looking for online help for writing research proposal assignments. 

What Is A Research Proposal?

A research proposal is a project that needs to be undertaken in the future. Before you conduct any research, you will need to develop a proposal addressed to your senior. However, a proposal can be addressed to different people, but most likely, it is intended to seek sponsorship. A research paper usually contains a step-by-step process that a project should be followed from the beginning. A research proposal has considerable significance in the professional field. It is important to seek funding for a specific project; once you convince your sponsors of the project’s validity, you will not miss the opportunity to be sponsored. Since the research proposal includes all the equipment used in the project, the sponsors can maximize the project cost in advance. 

While in academic terms, when you are asked to write an assignment on a research proposal, the university has different objectives. To understand the different methodologies used in the research, and before starting writing your proposal, you need to find out different techniques of acquiring information that needs to be included in the paper. However, writing an assignment on a research proposal is a challenging task; that’s why students need research proposal help online. We at Aussie assignment helper assist and provide you with the best assignment help service with the help of our team of experts. 

How To Write A Research Proposal? What Can an Aussie Assignment Helper Do?

A research proposal for assignment writing analyzes a topic and recommends a hypothesis for that topic. Usually, this kind of proposal can be seen as a precursor to a doctoral dissertation or a master’s degree level thesis paper. This is why students find it challenging to write an assignment on a research proposal and search for a custom research paper writing service. As an educational platform, we understand a student’s mindset and how difficult it is for them to manage their daily schedule while accomplishing university assignments. So we are here to assist you with a research proposal assignment and make your life easier. To make the assignment easily understandable, we will simplify the writing and break the principles into simple steps so you can have a well-written academic research proposal assignment. 

Step-1- Deciding on the topic-

This is the foremost step, and the easiest one involved as the research proposal will be linked to the overall topic of the assignment.

Step- 2- Review the literature-

If you have to write a thesis or dissertation, you will be required to conduct a literature review. Even if the area of your assignment does not require a separate literature review, writing one will help to make your assignment look high quality. By reviewing the literature on your topic, you can focus and create a hypothesis that has not been addressed yet. A review will also update you on the current state of study in the topic area.

Step-3- Identify the gap in the literature review-

The primary purpose of determining the gap in the literature review is to find out the studies or the research which are already conducted and then determine the evident gaps in it. This will open the opportunity to consider the body of knowledge in the subject area. 

Step-4- Analyze the problem and frame the statement-

It is necessary to proclaim the research question as it can be restated in the form of a sentence to make it better understood.

Step-5- Make a good introduction-

This is probably the essential part of proposal research writing because you need to craft it in a way to capture the reader’s mind. However, it is usually recommended to write the introduction last, which is logically correct because once the whole thing is researched, written and proofread, the reader can have a better picture of the main topic.

Step-6- Developing a clear hypothesis-

The thesis aims to set the hypothesis section, which has to be easy to understand, making the assignment easy to carry out.

Step-7- Deciding the research design-

Research design is a technique to answer the research questions efficiently. Moreover, the research problem decides the type of research design used and should be selected such that the data should efficiently answer the problems in the questions. However, it is essential to outline the research design for the proposal. And it is recommended to mention at least three possible alternatives for proposing the particular design.

Step-8- Concluding the sample size and characteristics-

This includes how many people have been included in the study and the aspects that make them suitable for the study.

Step-9- Conclusion of the data collection-

Determination of the proposal describes the methodology of data collection for the research. Let’s say if the researcher is performing quantitative analysis for the research, then the questionnaire survey can be used for qualitative analysis, and one-on-one interviews can be conducted. However, you need to ensure that the reader knows the research methodology being used. 

Step-10- Research assumptions-

The research proposal must contain the basic assumptions for the thesis while working on it.

Step-11- Explaining the procedure-

The reader must know the procedure for writing the research proposal, including what will be done and how this will be involved in the research framework.

What Should Students Ensure and Avoid While Writing a Research Proposal?

Things you should consider in your assignment:

  • Students should focus on clear and accurate work communication.
  • They should highlight the concepts and methods which are involved in it.
  • Keep your focus on listing the specific, achievable and factual objectives.
  • Creation of suitable research objectives.
  • Validating the accuracy of the data to be presented.
  • Simplifying the evidence and supporting arguments to boost the findings.
  • The record of the bibliography and references should be mentioned.
  • The assignment should be proofread many times.

Things you should avoid including in your assignment:

  • It is necessary to be honest with your professors, so do not misinterpret yourself.
  • Avoid including repetitious information that cannot answer the question.
  • Do not stretch the assignment with irrelevant information.
  • Keep an eye on the word limit, or else it will give the impression that you do not follow the guidelines.
  • Your writing must support findings and the purpose of your writing.
  • Citing from Wikipedia should be avoided, and decisive sources should be used for citations.
  • Most importantly, avoid plagiarizing the content.

What Should be the Outline of Your Research Proposal?

Mentioned below is a concise outline structure for a research proposal.

1. Introduction:

The introduction should provide the background of the research proposal. When developing a basic framework for your research, you should have a few subsections in the introduction.

  • You can seek the attention of the reader with your topic.
  • You can provide brief background information and explore past research.
  • It will foresee if your research is qualitative and quantitative and should suggest the thesis statement.

2. Statement of the Problem:

  • This part will describe the analytical approach that you need to use.
  • You can describe the problem as it is related to your research topic.
  • It will answer, “why does this research required to be conducted?”

3. Purpose of the Study:

  • This will need to provide an intelligent and substantial statement on why the research that you are conducting needs to be done.
  • It will also disclose the hypothesis that needs to be tested and the questions surrounding it. 
  • It can begin with the statement, “The purpose of this academic research study is”
  • It will grant a detailed discussion of whether you will be conducting qualitative or quantitative research and describe the research instruments.

4. Literature Review:

  • It will discuss the information that is already known about the project.
  • It will review any relevant research that is tied to the hypothesis.
  • It also provides a research strategy as to what source you will use.

5. Research questions and hypothesis:

  • In this section, you need to disclose the hypothesis.
  • You will need to disclose any questions regarding your hypothesis.
  • You will also need to address the possible theories that will maintain your hypothesis.

6. Methods and Procedures:

  • This section will declare which methods you will use to prove your hypothesis.
  • This section discusses the key variables you will test to prove the hypothesis valid.
  • This section will go into deep on your research methods.

7. Limitations:

  • This will discuss any limitations that may appear in your research.

8. Importance:

  • This will discuss why your research is relevant to your audience.

9. References:

  • This will list all your reference material, usually in APA or MLA format.

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The quality of the proposal usually depends on the proposal writing, so you need to avoid treating it as a final document. It must be treated flexibly. Students often find it challenging to write an assignment on a research proposal, so they seek an assignment helper that can assist them in writing the assignment. At Aussie Assignment helper, you get a qualified team of experts who can guide you in writing the assignment and support you if you are looking for dissertation research proposal help or PhD research proposal help. Here are the reasons why you should select us-

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why Do You Need Online Assignment Assistance?

Writing an assignment is tough, but conducting relevant research and gathering information is much more challenging. As a student, you do not have enough time to go through the whole assignment compilation process, which is why you need assistance so that the burden of research can be shared.

2. Why Proofreading an Assignment is Essential?

When you write an assignment, you should proofread it before submitting it. It is necessary to avoid minor spelling and grammatical mistakes. Moreover, ensuring that your content is unique and free from plagiarism is essential. We at Aussie Assignment help can guide you with proofreading your assignment.

3. Can Aussie Assignment Helper help to achieve good grades?

We have a team of experts that work on gathering relevant information and conducting thorough research regarding your assignment topic. You can achieve good grades when you have a well-written assignment that includes proper formatting according to the university guidelines and a citation of the reference.

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