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Bioinformatics refers to the study of genetics and genomics. It involves collecting, assessing, storing, and handling information using computer science and associated technologies. The study of bioinformatics involves Sequence assembly, Genome annotation, Pan genomics, Genetics of disease, Analyses of gene expressions, Protein expressions, and Protein localization. Writing assignments, especially in bioinformatics, needs a different approach and exceptional understanding of the subject. Also, to make it flawless and presentable, it is important to have an extraordinary knowledge of different assignment formats. Still, you do not have to bother about online assistance. one of the finest bioinformatics assignment help services in Australia, Aussie assignment helper, is here to provide you with top-class service and a learning experience. Our professional academic tutors specialising in bioinformatics homework help are available for you at any time. Just raise a query or fill the inquiry. We have offered you some potential topics and queries that may be helpful in comprehending the subject better. 

Topics that are Usually Asked in the Bioinformatics Assignment:

DNA sampling and sequencing: It is primarily a laboratory technique to order the bases present in the DNA structure. The process that is associated with DNA sequencing has evolved over the years. It includes determining the order of the Nucleotide bases for essential information and resembling them back in the original DNA order following a specific format. DNA sequencing like Sanger sequencing (1970), Next-generation sequencing (NGS), etc. However, we have some more topics that might be interesting, like Whole exome sequencing, whole-genome sequencing, dideoxynucleosides, Metagenomics, Maxam-Gilbert sequencing, SOLiD sequencing, Single-molecule real-time SMRT sequencing, and many more. 

Cell Biology, Microbiology, and Virology: For learning Bioinformatics, students must be familiar with the biology of living organisms and understanding the role of the cell, its role, and its significance can make a huge difference in the entire learning process. Cell biology refers to the study of the cell structure and its processes. Considering cells as a fundamental unit of life, it is vital to comprehend cellular organisms and their functions. Microbiology and Virology are also among some of the necessary topics in this subject. Microbiology is something that sticks itself to the study of microscopic organisms. At the same time, virology is a subdiscipline under microbiology that directs at studying viruses. 

Bioenergetics: Bioinformatics is a specific branch of biochemistry that studies the phenomenon of how cells produce, store, consume and transform energy. Cellular metabolism is an essential process, and it involves photosynthesis and cellular respiration. It also involves some of the elemental techniques symbolizing growth, anabolism, development, and catabolism. Apart from this, there are considerable technical details in the subject like the types of reaction (Exergonic reaction and Endergonic reaction), etc. Major bioenergetics processes are: 

  • Gluconeogenesis
  • Glycolysis 
  • Oxidative phosphorylation 
  • Photosynthesis 
  • Ketosis

Genomics and Proteomics: Study of genomes, usually of the complete genetic set or material present in a living organism, is known as genomics. At the same time, the study that predominantly focuses on the proteins in the genome of any organism is categorized as Proteomics. The methodology in both topics is studied under some specific heads like their units, nature of the material, and techniques essential to reach conclusions. Methods in genomics utilized for mapping, exploring different genomes, and sequencing them are necessary. While proteomics more often relates to the creation of the 3D arrangement of the proteins and understanding their role, etc., there are more such topics heading to you. Need bioinformatics assignment help from academic tutors? Assignment helper, the finest online assignment expert, is glad to assist you. 

Drug designing: Rational drug design or simply drug relates to the procedure followed while finding new and unique drug combinations or medications. It is strictly based on the ability of different small organic molecules and their therapeutic value and benefits. Students enlisted in bioinformatics ought to have a thorough familiarity with the drug discovery cycle that involves Compound collection, Chemical synthesis, Design, Lead compound, SAR, Structural characterization, and Clinical trial. It also consists of the study of Drug targets, Computer-aided drug design, Rational drug discovery, Structure-based design, and Scoring functions. 

DNA replication: DNA replication is a process of copying DNA genomes in the cell. It is a process that takes place at the time of cell division. The entire cell splits into two daughter cells with their own genome. For keeping an identical genome in each of the daughter cells, it must first follow the process of replication. It forms the core of molecular biology and plays a crucial part in exploring bioinformatics. Semiconservative replication, DNA polymerase, Replication processes including Pre-replication complex, Elongation, Replication fork, Replication machinery, and various topics having recent information. Read a few more topics to write definitive answers to the assignments. 

Chemoinformatic: The study that attempts to solve various contemporary concerns faced in the field of chemistry with the help of physical chemistry and computer science. Often chemoinformatic is integrating information resources to devise or transform the provided information. However, to score well in such topics, students must focus more on some essential issues like Digital library, Structured and Unstructured data, Graph mining, Molecule mining, Tree mining, and Database mining. Still, hiring an experienced bioinformatics assignment help expert from an Aussie assignment helper is qualified to guide you nearly on each and every aspect of this subject.

  • Nonoinformatics 
  • Molecular graphs
  • Molecular conceptor
  • Information engineering 
  • Computational chemistry
  • Molecular design software 
  • Chemogenomic, etc. 

Questions from Our Free Assignment Samples Section

Explain Genetic engineering and its application in Bioinformatics?

The process of using lab-based techniques to alter the DNA of a living organism is what we study in genetic engineering. Primarily this 

relates to the methods of changing, deleting, or adding single base pairs like (A-T or C-G). There are various classifications within genetic engineering and have an entire process to fetch desired results. Genetic engineering involves:

  • Locating and extracting an organism’s DNA.
  • Cloning of a gene that represents specific traits.
  • Designing a gene accordingly. 
  • Transformation and insertion of the gene. 
  • Backcross Breeding.

Still, genetic engineering is essential from the assignments’ perspective, and excelling in this specialization needs an in-depth coverage of the topics like:

  • DNA fingerprinting, Chromosome jumping, and Chromosome walking.
  • Restriction analysis, Isoschizomers, and Neoschizomers. 
  • Restriction modification system and spectrophotometric. 
  • Electromobility shift assay and hybridization techniques. 

Explain the concepts of Inheritance and Polymorphism? 

The process that helps pass genetic information from generation to the next is inheritance. Often it assists in tracking the hereditary characteristics passed from parents to the offspring. Along with the definition, the process of inheritance also includes the transfer of chromosomes and the working of different types of cells, sex determination, genotype, and mendelian inheritance. In comparison, polymorphism is a process that studies two or more variant forms of a specific DNA sequence occurring in different individuals and populations. Polymorphism often involves single nucleotide variation, aka single-nucleotide polymorphism. Simple sequence length polymorphisms, variable number of tandem repeats, restriction fragment length polymorphisms, etc., are some of the essential topics that may come in the assessments. Get the best bioinformatics assignment help. Be prepared.

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