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Topics from the Chemistry Syllabus

Physical chemistry: The branch of chemistry that refers to the study of physical properties of certain substances strictly on their chemical structure, reactions, and properties. Studying the physical structure of the chemical compounds, the amount of energy they possess and the bonding between the atoms of the components are the core focus of this subject. It involves a broad arrange of topics from physics like motion, force, time, energy, thermodynamics, and quantum mechanics. However, better grades in the chemistry assignments covering topics like surface science, reaction kinetics, electrochemistry, thermochemistry, and electrochemical will be beneficial in the long run.

Organic chemistry: The entire motive of organic chemistry is to investigate the structure, composition, reaction, and properties of the compounds containing carbon. However, the scope of this subject also involves the compounds containing nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen, halogens, and silicon. With applications in the healthcare, crop production, agriculture, biofuels, and environmental sectors, it becomes crucial to have sound knowledge of the subject. You can get organic chemistry assignment help from us anytime. Students can learn topics that are likely to appear in the examinations like:

  • Alkenes and alkynes, stereochemistry, and Substituted alkanes.
  • Atomic structure, bind strength, and resonance of the structure.
  • Substitution reaction, instrumental analysis, and Electrophilic compounds.
  • Nomenclature, conformational analysis, and constitutional isomerism. 

Inorganic chemistry: Inorganic chemistry deals with the physical as well as chemical properties of the compounds having little or no carbon content. All the compounds listed in the periodic table except hydrogen and carbon are considered studied under this subject. There are primarily more than 1,00,000 inorganic compounds, and studying them can be tricky. However, their applications, like in the chemical industries in the form of coating, pigments, surfactants, and catalysis, are the primary products of this study. Still, a wide range of topics like organometallic chemistry, transition elements, P-block elements, coordination chemistry, and various applications in the field of inorganic chemistry will be crucial in deciding your assessment grades.

Industrial chemistry: Industrial chemistry is among the most preferred subjects by the students because it provides lucrative job opportunities. According to the definition, the entire concepts of chemistry that are applied in industrial applications, particularly in the manufacturing and production of commercial chemicals, are known as industrial chemistry. Some of the most prominent topics that are covered by our chemistry assignment experts from the industrial chemistry syllabus are:

  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Quality Control in Chemical Industry
  • Quantum Chemistry, Symmetry and Group Theory
  • Introduction to Materials Science
  • Reaction Mechanism and Stereochemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry

Polymer Chemistry: Production of a comprehensive range of polymeric materials needs sound knowledge of polymer chemistry. As a subdiscipline of chemistry, it deals with chemical synthesis and the chemical and physical properties of macromolecules and polymers. A polymer is a synthetic or natural substance composed of large molecules, also known as macromolecules, and simpler chemical units known as monomers. Furthermore, there are many things to cover in this discipline for students like a synthesis of polymers and copolymers, block polymers, rubbers, thermoplastics, polymerisation, polycarbonates, thermosets, etc. are among some of the fundamental questions that can be asked in the assignments. Still, having doubts in your mind can prove costly for your grades. Do not hesitate to ask our assignment helper.

Chemical bonding: Chemical bonding refers to the phenomenon found in atoms, molecules, or ions as an ability to form a chemical bond between themselves. Such a chemical bonding process results in keeping them bound together. Some theories and topics related to the topic include types of chemical bonds (Ionic bonding, covalent bonds, hydrogen bonds, polar bonds), etc. Likewise, students also need to understand various conditions of the formation of bonds. Our chemistry assignment solver has penned down some of the most asked topics in the assignments.

  • Lewis Theory
  • Kossel’s Theory
  • Types of Chemical Bonds
  • Ionic Bond
  • Lewis Structures
  • Bond Characteristics
  • Resonance in Chemical Bonding
  • London Dispersion Forces

Sample Questions by Chemistry Assignment Solver

Explain the difference between esterification and saponification reactions.

The process that leads to the development of ester is known as esterification. The fundamental reaction here is acid and its reaction with the alcohol in the presence of concentrated H2SO4 that forms ester. Unlike the formation of easter, another process known as saponification directs the process to form soap. Saponification is slightly different from esterification, where an ester responds to alkali in specific conditions. Apart from these, such processes can also be differentiated on parts of their heat requirements and the catalyst involved in the reaction. Esterification involves heat energy, and the catalyst required here is an acid. Whereas the process of saponification does not require heat energy, and the catalyst involved in this reaction is a base. Why do the examiners usually ask such questions? Indeed, our professional tutors try to guide you with such questions due to their practical relevance and significance to excel in this field.

Explain in brief the radiochemical separation techniques.

The rapid isolation of two daughter isotopes from the parent isotope by an automated radiochemical separation technique. Various techniques used to separate radiochemicals involve leaching, solvent extraction, precipitation, and ion chromatography. Students having radiochemistry as their core subject need to cover such topics in detail. Radiochemistry refers to the domain that deals with radioactive substances. Such disciplines also cover topics like actinide, tomography, atomic layer epitaxy, and types of radionuclides (primordial radionuclides, cosmogenic radionuclides, and secondary radionuclides), etc. are essential to understand the nature of topics asked in the assessments as well as to perform exceptionally well in them.

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