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Researchers dealing with the complex set of data find it challenging to reach substantial conclusions. SPSS software is essentially designed to analyse and edit such data. SPSS stands for Statistical Package for Social Science. It is designed in such a way that it can edit and analyse data coming from numerous sources and servers and in multiple formats. It is widely used for logical batched, and non-logical batched statistical assessment. It is highly crucial for both qualitative as well as quantitative analysis of a provided data set. Using SPSS makes it effortless for researchers to examine, forecast, and indicate the trends with the help of provided information. Missing Value Analysis, Exact Test Modules, and Forecasting Module are some of the best applications of SPSS statistics. However, if you are among the learners finding it challenging to perform well in the SPSS homework, we are here to assist you. Our online SPSS assignment help is something that you can’t skip. We offer you with top-notch quality assignment online lecture series that will clear all your doubts and make assignment writing an effortless task for you. It is obvious that penning an assignment that too within a specific deadline is essential for the overall grade received in the assessments. Still, exceptional performance in assignments pretty much depends on your knowledge of the subject and familiarity with the assignment writing layout. 

If you also find yourself lacking in the above-stated requirements, just raise a query and get ready to learn. Assignment helper has taken adequate care of the learning process and designed our SPSS homework help according to the needs of the students. Still, professional tutors are well aware of various strategies that can be best for explaining to you even the trickiest topics. Here we have provided you with some core topics and the sample questions potential enough to be asked in the SPSS homework. Do read it carefully to get a synopsis of the subject as well as of the quality that we offer to the students. 

Topics that are Usually Asked in SPSS Assignments

SPSS Regression Techniques: An analysis technique that is performed by SPSS statistical professionals to assess the multivariate connection between forecaster, clinical, and demographic variables and outcome variables. There are various types of Regression analysis to be operated on different variables like Dichotomous categorical outcome, Polychotomous categorical outcome, Ordinal outcome, Dichotomous categorical outcome, and Continuous outcome to develop the probability of a disease state, etc.

  • Multinomial logistic regression
  • Proportional Odds Regression
  • Negative Binomial Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Poisson Regression and Cox Regression.
  • Regression diagnostics (Residual Analysis, Normal Probability Plot, Linearity, Multicollinearity, etc.)
  • Methods of regression (Simultaneous Regression, Stepwise Regression, and Hierarchical Regression)

Big data analysis: Big data analysis directs the process of studying patterns, trends, and correlations of a considerably large amount of data, i.e., Raw data. Big data analysis assists investigators in effective decision making and chasing new developments and demands in the market. Considering data as a new fuel that runs the current market has compelled various companies to study, accumulate, and analyse from time to time the trends in the market. Types of big data are generally referred to as Structured data, Unstructured data, and Semi-structured data. It is beneficial for students to learn such topics from cover to cover. Issues like types of extensive data analysis involve:

  • Descriptive analysis
  • Predictive analysis
  • Diagnostic analysis 
  • Prescriptive analysis

Correlation Analysis: A correlation is a numerical value that comes between -1 and +1 used to indicate the extent of the quantitative variables. The Pearson correlations are visualised as scatterplots, and the variables are defined and compared in those plots. Conducting null hypotheses and making assumptions is essential to get precise results in the analysis testing. The values obtained while conducting a correlation analysis count to be -1, 0, and +1. The indication of getting such values are given below:

  • Correlation of -1 (Perfect Linear Descending Relation)  
  • Correlation of 0 (No Linear Relation)
  • Correlation of +1 (Perfect Ascending Linear Relation)

Discriminant factor analysis (DFA): A systematic statistical technique used to classify the unknown variables and their possibility of sorting into particular data sets. Discriminant factor analysis is something that embraces the fact that the provided data sample is normally distributed. It is basically a multivariate test of differences occurring between different groups. Fisher’s (1936) is a classic example of discriminant factor research. It is essential for trainees to get an in-depth knowledge of the topics. Apart from this, issues like Descriptive statistics, Report making, understanding correlations, Pearson’s correlation, Separate one-way ANOVAs, and MANOVA are crucial for examinations. 

Qualitative Analysis: Among the two most competitive ways to analyse a set of data, i.e., Qualitative and Quantitative analysis. Qualitative analysis is something that refers to subjective judgement based on quantifiable data. Information that is complex in nature and is difficult to accumulate is primarily considered in Qualitative analysis. Immaterial values are such values that are not often defined in a numerical format making the qualitative analysis more tricky. However, using qualitative analysis, broadly, primary information that is collected over time can be interpreted to estimate certain specific values like Attitude.  

Chi-Squared Tests: Basically, a Chi-squared test is deemed a statistical analysis hypothesis testing approach that analyses the expectancy of the data. It is primarily observed for values in the provided data to check the authenticity of the null hypothesis. It is employed to find the association between the categorical values, Normal distribution of the data, Test of deviation, Difference between observed data and expected data, etc. are some of the key topics associated with the Chi-squared test are: 

  • Fisher’s exact test, Binomial test, Yates correlation for continuity, and Pearson’s Chi-squared test. 

Forecasting analysis: Using time-series data in SPSS, the forecasting provides for advanced capabilities that assist researchers in making an in-depth breakdown of the given set of the data. Understanding the procedure for forecasting analysis contains Listing data, Graphing data, Descriptive statistics, Logistic regression, Time series forecasting, One-way analysis of Variance, and Residual analysis. Understanding such ideas and techniques can be valuable for students while conducting empirical testing sessions and writing assignments. Still, if you are clueless about such fundamental concepts, we can help you comprehend them. Aussie assignment helper, one of the best assignment experts in this domain, can assist you in fetching ideal scores in this segment. 

SPSS Homework Questions

Explain the Survival analysis methods in SPSS? 

A product-limited method is a non-parametric method used to assess the survival distribution. Assumptions made while accomplishing survival analysis include Event status, Survival time, Independence of censoring, and considering a similar amount and pattern of censorship per group. Still, for writing a definitive answer in the assignments, the student must get aware of the process, including the modes of reporting survival analysis, interpreting survival analysis results, studying null hypothesis, understanding different types of intervention, and allocating considerable time to variables. 

Having in-depth learning of the procedures and methods used for survival analysis can assist you in preparing for the assessment questions. 

  • Types of survival analysis (Non-parametric, Semi-parametric, and Parametric)
  • Hazard function (Hazard, Hazard rate, Hazard function, and Hazard ratio)
  • Kaplan-Meier, Cox regression, and Cox regression with a time-dependent covariate. 

Explain the process of sampling and validity executed in SPSS? 

SPSS refers to the organised procedure pursued to manage and analyse complex data sets. It is essential to learn the methods used for sampling and the validity of the data, and the test results. The information is often collected on a substantial basis and targets a specific yet potential audience that needs a systematic sampling procedure. Sampling is usually regarded as a part of the probability section. Still, there is a lot more to memorise for the students in order to perform well in the assessments. Topics like, 

  • Sampling frame development and Random sampling 
  • Sample validity, Sampling bias, and Sample reliability.
  • Statistical power, Sample testing and Post hoc power analysis.
  • Learning validity (Internal validity, External validity, theoretical validity, Convergent validity, Inter-item validity, etc.)

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