Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable to all our clients and the users of our services. These terms and conditions are subject to changes made by the Aussie assignment helper from time to time. Without the prior written consent of the Aussie assignment helper, you may not revise, reproduce, plagiarise, circulate, disperse, licence, transfer, or trade any information, technology, data, content, material, or service from this part. Please check these terms and conditions thoroughly before using our services.

General Guidelines:

  • Aussie assignment helper is not liable for any delay or interruption caused due to technical glitches or in the case of maintenance of the site. Still, we will ensure full coordination with the clients using alternative communication channels.
  • We do not invite multiple accounts having the same credentials. Users having multiple accounts with the same credentials are liable for rejection of certain benefits or will invite a risk of suspension.

We do not guarantee an A+ grade in the assessments. Aussie assignment helper is not liable for any consideration made on this behalf. Still, we do hire trained and skilled online tutors having diverse subject expertise for providing our clients with the best assistance.

  • Aussie assignment helper maintains full authority for suspending any account even without warning.
  • We are not liable for any payment failure that is caused due to reasons beyond our control. However, full coordination will be maintained from our side in such cases to resolve such issues promptly. Do read our payment policy carefully.

Client’s rights to access information:

Aussie assignment helper allows its clients subjected to the given terms and conditions to use temporarily, its information (provided to the client/ provided on the official portal) for their personal or charitable purposes. The legal age for using Aussie assignment helper’s official portal is 18, and clients under 18 may only use this site with the written consent of their legal guardians.

Copyrights and use of resources: 

As a user of Aussie assignment helper, you must fulfil all these terms and conditions and the relevant rules and laws associated with the usage policy of our services. No data/information that violates or defends the privileges of individuals is restricted, indecent, harassing, obscene, or otherwise harmful, or encroaching on privacy rights shall be kept or communicated. Our clients are not allowed to transmit or upload advertising content unless they have written consent. Such actions may invite legal actions.


Complying with our terms and conditions, our clients accept and acknowledge the circumstances that they are accountable for the consequences of the usage of this Site. They are solely accountable for any events like losses, expenditures, penalties, assertions, receivables, and punishments, including the financial liability and expenditure charged for any sort of investigation that occurs or may occur due to specific usage.

With your consent, you are now personally accountable for using and conducting any activity on this site. You compensate and hold the Mathnasium Parties (defined below) insignificant from and against any declarations, receivables, failures, costs, damages, penalties, evaluations, damage or hurt to property or persons, financial expenses and liability (include, but not restricted to special, indirect, impactful, incidental, and exemplary damages), acceptable attorneys’ assistance charges, and prices of a national government investigation, actual results to emerge out of or in any way affiliated with or tends to result from or to originate out.

Company’s liability: 

Aussie assignment helper is here to provide educational information to the students and is supportive in clearing doubts. However, there may be some mistakes (grammatical, typing, or other inconsistencies) in the material provided to the clients or displayed on the official portal. Aussie assignment helper does not guarantee the authenticity, correctness, or genuineness of the material offered to the clients or displayed here. Any individual using our service is solely responsible for the website’s usage and the aftereffects or consequences occurring out of the usage of this site. Also, we retain all the rights to make any changes to the terms and conditions at any time.

The company does not make sure that the outlet will operate without any glitches or that we are free from viruses. The organization is not liable if you use the site for any material essentials that serve the information elements.

The company may use the gained data like IP address, mailing address, name, and portal work-related tasks.

This contract is considered with the administration of Australian law without regard to the regulations of conflict of laws. If we amend any element of this contract in writing, an organization’s executive signed will be undertaken. If any agreement provision is supposed to be unlawful by a court of law, the rest of the agreement document will be valid. Except as mentioned in “legal notice,” Any provision’s waiver of this act does not indicate the following term.

Payment Policy

Hiring professional tutors is an excellent choice for scholars, and it can prove beneficial for their overall studying experience. It helps them in understanding the crux of various potential topics that are repeatedly asked in the assessment papers. Lacking expert guidance may impact negatively on the grades of the students. Aussie assignment helper recognizes the fact that students may find it challenging to learn the technicalities associated with the subject. Assignment help experts at Aussie assignment helper try to assist students in learning topics effectively and performing exceptionally well in this section integral to the modern academic curriculum.

Payment Modes:

  • Services’ costs, value-added orders, any kinds of charges, amounts, and assistance are charged in Australian Dollars.
  • At Aussie assignment helper, payments are accepted in nearly all major currencies, including the Australian Dollar, British Pound Sterling, Euro in case of the European Union, Singapore Dollar, Indian Rupees, United States Dollar, etc.
  • The standard currency for the Aussie assignment helper’s wallet is the Australian Dollar.
  • Still, we do receive payments in currencies other than those specified in this section.
  • We recommend our clients coordinate with our customer care professionals for better guidance regarding payment methods.

Highlights of Our Payment Policy:

Taxes charged on the service: The charges/ rates/ payments provided on the official portal of Aussie assignment helper do not includes taxes applicable on the service offered. An additional charge of 18% (according to the directives of the government) will be charged at the time of the final payment procedure and generation of the invoice.

Methods of payments: At Aussie assignment helper, we have made various payment methods available for our clients. We do consider payment methods other than those mentioned on the website. It is recommended to confer with our customer service executives before making any payment through UPIs and other means not mentioned in the given list. Our clients are free to use their online Aussie assignment helper’s wallet.

Partial payment: Partial payments are not entertained at Aussie assignment helper. Our clients can make a booking initially by paying a specific percentage of the total order value. However, as per our payment policies, Aussie assignment helper is not liable to fulfil its legal obligations until the payment procedure get completed.

Duplicate payment: There may be a case where duplicate payments may take place. It can be due to various issues. In such cases, our clients can coordinate with our staff to make the refund. However, clients need to place substantial proof that represents the occurrence of any of such incidents. On confirming the transactions, a repayment will be issued in the payee’s name within 3-4 business days.

Payment failure: Such issues may occur once in a blue moon, but we can take care of this. Our clients can ask us for help regarding issues related to payment issues. There may be countless reasons for the payment failure which are beyond our control, like internet issues, etc. Still, we are always ready to support our clients in any issue occurring out of payment procedures. So, in case you are facing doubts related to payment. Do not forget to contact our customer service executives.

Conflict resolution:  Aussie assignment helper has a dedicated team of professionals constantly working at the client’s service. Our clients are free to contact us at any time they feel like clearing any doubts related to the payment procedure. We will glad to offer our services.

Cancellation policy: It takes a lot of hard work to manage multiple orders simultaneously. To discourage non-serious clients and manage our resources efficiently, we have devised our cancellation procedures accordingly. There are certain conditions explained below regarding filing a cancellation request and the refund policy followed by Aussie assignment helper on such requests.

Our clients can place a cancellation request up to 24 hours after placing the request. After this specific time period, no such cancellation request will be entertained.

The cancellation filled within 3 hours will be liable to a 25% deduction on the total order value. Whereas cancellation asked after 180 minutes, i.e., after 3 hours, will be liable for a 50% deduction on the total order value.