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We discussed different topics and subjects for assignment writing in the previous articles. We have included various subjects and other topics like research-related topics, dissertation topics, and many more. Still, today we will discuss how you can write an assignment on a thesis topic. However, research can take on many forms, but academic writings such as essays, papers, and research projects have one thing in common: the thesis statement. A thesis statement consists of one or two sentences that usually summarize the main points or arguments of a piece of writing, like an academic paper or research. Moreover, a thesis statement concludes different roles in a writing piece. 

However, with the advancement in the education sector, universities and colleges are constantly bringing new changes in teaching and learning methods. They also focus on how students can dive into academic activities other than the core subjects. Introduction of assignment writing is also a part of this advancement, and universities have focused on submitting assignments on broader topics rather than basics. Students know that these assignment submissions can help them score good grades on the exams. With the various academic assignments provided, students find it challenging to write an assignment independently and look for an assignment helper or assignment tutor to assist them with the research. Writing part is easier to attempt but researching that particular topic is tricky. Aussie assignment helper is such a platform that assists in writing assignments. So let’s look closely at the definition and importance of a thesis statement. We will also discuss the steps that can be taken to develop a strong thesis statement. 

What Is A Thesis Statement?

As mentioned above, a thesis statement comprises one or two explanatory sentences that compile the piece of writing, for example, an essay. Moreover, a thesis statement identifies a topic to be discussed and the purpose of the thesis itself. More importantly, a thesis statement clearly defines assertions and communications to the readers. However, the nature of the thesis statement is a contraction of an argument or analysis to follow. That is why it is commonly placed in the opening of a paper. However, it can also be included at the end of the introduction. Writing a thesis statement requires experience and knowledge; that is why students look for thesis helpers so that they can ease their job.

Different Types Of Thesis Statements:

There are different types of thesis statements depending upon the writer’s objective. However, we have discussed some of the most common types of thesis statements below. 

  • Expository Thesis Statement- this type of thesis statement emphasizes an issue instead of a topic to the reader. Moreover, this type of paper lists critical aspects of the topic to be discussed in an essay or research paper. 
  • An Analytical- and analytical thesis statement is used for essays and research papers that need to be analyzed, interpreted, and evaluated on a topic’s various aspects. This type of thesis statement usually highlights the critical points of the analysis and includes the resulting conclusion. 
  • Argumentative Thesis statement- this kind of thesis statement indicates a topic and the writer’s specific position on the topic. These statements also explain why the author has chosen to take the stand.

The Importance of Thesis Statement:

Many students seek thesis writing services because they do not understand how to write a thesis statement and lack an understanding of its importance. So, it is evident when you fail to understand a specific topic or subject how you can write about it. We can help you provide an overview of the importance of a thesis statement. 

The thesis statement sets the paper’s purpose. It establishes the author’s primary arguments, which means that the thesis statement helps the reader to set expectations for the statement and support the research.

By expressing the purpose of an essay or a research paper, a thesis statement also helps the author to keep their focus on writing. The authors and researchers can quickly develop their arguments by determining a clear research statement. 

Moreover, a thesis statement guides the reader with the main argument in the topic, which identifies the relationship between the pieces of evidence that can support the argument. 

An Overview of Developing Thesis Statement:

Thesis writing is a challenging job, and students often get confused between thesis and dissertation writing, so they find it better to look for thesis help online to get a complete guide. Below we discuss some points necessary to include while creating a thesis statement. 

Writing a thesis statement is a process that should not be taken for granted. It is a process when you have to think in-depth and possess that knowledge. Before working on a thesis statement, you need to gather sufficient information and evidence to support your arguments, but they must also be relevant. The steps included in the thesis statement development are mentioned below-

Start with a Research Question-

The most common approach to developing a thesis statement is to start with a research question. Once you identify your research question, you can start your targeted research to help create a thesis statement. Moreover, when you have a specific research question, you can formulate a strong thesis statement to address the question.

Develop a Statement that Directly Addresses the Research Question-

Once you identify your research question, the initial research on the topic has started. The research should help you to create a tentative thesis statement. You have a simple thesis statement and a rough draft at this stage. 

This rough draft can be a tool for planning and guiding the research writing process. 

Include Evidence and Reasonings-

At this stage, the process of research becomes thoughtful. The thesis statement is a guide and starting point for the research process. However, you can also use existing research literature to collect information to support your argument or statement. You can refine your tentative thesis statement throughout the research process as you discover supporting evidence and facts. However, the final thesis statement should include the critical factors of your argument along with the conclusion. In this part, students cannot find perfect evidence and reasonings to support their thesis paper, so they need online thesis writing help

Predict Counterargument-

This step can be helpful if you are writing an argumentative thesis statement, and predicting the potential counterargument can help you to develop a refined thesis statement. Besides adding complex levels to your thesis statement, these counterarguments can help you develop your fundamental arguments to make them stronger.

How Can Aussie Assignment Helper Help You To Make A Strong Thesis Statement?

However, with the help of the above information, some of you might think of developing a thesis on your own, but there can be some others who are still looking for help with my thesis. In this, we will include some practical qualities that can help to construct a strong thesis statement. 

A Strong Thesis Should be Original-

You must avoid generic thesis statements if you want the reader to stay interested throughout your study paper. Your thesis statement should be strong enough to reflect your original idea. In addition, a strong thesis statement should present new aspects of the topic. However, you can ensure the originality of your thesis statement by conducting thorough research on your topic. 

 A Strong Thesis Should be Clear and Specific-

Thesis statements should be written to be specific and direct to the point. The reader should clearly understand the purpose of the study. Moreover, it should also clearly define the main argument on your research issue. This way, your reader and professors will clearly understand what you want to convey when they read your thesis statement. But it should be remembered that the thesis statement should have a specific argument you can prove within the research boundaries. 

A Strong Thesis Should be Combative-

This is essential to remember while creating a thesis statement; a thesis statement should be combative. It is so because a thesis statement is not a simple statement written on a paper; it includes making an argument about a topic. That is why it needs to be combative, and a simple way to test if a thesis statement is strong or not is to develop counterarguments to your thesis.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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2. What are some other services that Aussie Assignment Helper offers?

Besides offering writing help with thesis writing and research paper writing, we offer writing assistance and guidance in various subjects like law, marketing, business management, nursing, science, math, chemistry, arts, and many more. Our experts are masters in all these subjects and provide proper guidance and relevant information regarding the respective subject. Besides the above subjects, we also provide assignment help in essay writing and cover all the subtopics related to the specific subjects. 

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