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How to choose Thesis Topics?

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A thesis is the last assignment a university student must submit before getting their master’s or doctoral degree. However, a thesis is much different from other assignments because students must establish a point by developing a good case using facts. The thesis writing services helps understand the topic and seek help from various other theories. For writing a thesis assignment, you must have in-depth knowledge about both the topics and the subjects. However, some students cannot write the thesis assignment and look for thesis writing help. There can be various reasons why some students cannot write a thesis independently. And these reasons may include difficulty developing good content or conducting appropriate research. Sometimes, looking for an assignment expert to help you write a proper thesis to score good grades is advisable. 

However, writing a thesis assignment comprises various stages, from thinking of a topic to conducting research and writing an assignment. It is an extended process that requires time. Before writing an assignment, you must think of a realistic topic on which you can conduct research and then write a thesis. However, searching for any thesis topics is equally challenging as writing on them. Moreover, some students are also confused between thesis and dissertation and often think that both are similar in terms. But the fact is both are different terms. A dissertation is an academic paper based on a student’s independent research. Submitting a dissertation is necessary when you want to achieve a doctorate. In this article, we will discuss how an Aussie assignment helper can assist you in writing your thesis assignment and how you can choose a good thesis topic. Aussie assignment helper is an educational platform that helps and guides students who find it challenging to write and conduct research on a particular assignment topic. Moreover, we also assist in online thesis help and assignments on different subjects like law, management, nursing, science, IT, finance, marketing, and many more.

Thesis Topics: Definition

Once you start thinking of a thesis topic on which you must write the whole assignment, you will slowly realize that a thesis topic usually includes multiple overlapping topics. In short, a thesis topic is not about a single subject but a summary that can involve and bring together multiple different themes. Choosing a thesis topic can be difficult, but specific approaches can make your task easier. Aussie Assignment Helper is the perfect platform that can guide you in selecting the best thesis topic on which in-depth research can also be conducted. However, we provide complete assistance from researching a topic to conducting in-depth research. We also guide in providing a proper format of assignment or thesis writing and proper citation and reference sources. Moreover, we understand the submission guidelines provided by the university, so we act as an assignment helper, keeping that in mind. 

Why Is It Necessary To Write A Thesis?

Thesis writing is not only a declaration for a student’s master’s degree, but the thesis stays with the student until they are linked with the field mentioned in the thesis. When a student’s thesis gets accepted, it encourages the student’s morale, and later it can be used by other students for references. Moreover, there are also chances that the thesis can be selected and published in some International journal articles. In addition to this, thesis writing also helps in identifying a scholar behind a regular student. 

What Should Be The Structure Of Thesis Writing?

Unlike other general assignments, thesis writing does not include a specific structure for writing. Sometimes students find this a difficult task because of its structure formation, and the structure usually depends and varies according to different universities. But below, we have mentioned a general structure format which is usually followed-

  • Title- The title page is the first page of thesis writing that helps the reader know about the topic.
  • Abstract- This comes after the title page, and it should be written when the title page is completed. This page helps the reader to know about the points which will be included in the thesis writing. That is why it is suggested to write the abstract once the entire thesis is completed.
  • Introduction- The first paragraph of the thesis writing helps the reader to know more details about the topic by providing an overview. It determines the reason for selecting the topic and the methods used to solve the problem discussed in the thesis paper. As a thesis writer, you need to answer the why, how, and what is related to the topic. Moreover, in this section, you will need to describe why you selected the topic and what is being done to study the topic. Here, problem statements are also mentioned, which need to be answered throughout the thesis writing assignment. However, these problem statements lead to the development of research questions which should relate to the topic. 
  • Literature review- This section includes a collection of papers to prove your points, highlighting the gap areas. The thesis writing will help point out the highlighted areas and provide guidance on how to fill those areas. However, you should remember that while using any literature source, you should examine its content and mention its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Methodology- This section helps solve the problem statement and the questions enclosed in the introduction. It will conclude with the method used while performing the research. It also provides judgements about the methods used to collect and analyze the data. You should be able to mention whether the techniques used can justify the claims made in the thesis paper.
  • Data Analysis- This section has the information related to the findings collected while performing the research and its analysis. It includes all the facts from the research conducted. You can use tables and graphs format to conclude the result. 
  • Discussion- It provides a detailed commentary on the findings explaining the result and its importance. It will describe whether the result produced is per the expectation or not. This part of thesis writing also explains that you have understood the topic.
  • Conclusion- This is the ending of the thesis writing which will restate the topic and the problem. It will highlight the essential findings and the results. It also mentions some recommendations for future improvements. This section provides an overview of all the other sections you must cover in the thesis paper. 

Thesis Topic Ideas Suggested By Aussie Assignment Helper:

Writing a thesis or dissertation paper is challenging but finding a suitable educational research topic for thesis is equally challenging. Below we have listed some of the thesis topics from which you can choose. However, before choosing any topics like digital marketing thesis topics, remember that the topic should reflect your interests, fit your study area, and the research process should be feasible.

1. Law dissertation topics

  • Research ways of online journalism protection.
  • What are the legal practices for preventing possible future pandemics?
  • You can target a country and analyze its policies on discrimination.
  • You can study the current effect of the US migration policy on education.
  • Review the history of fiscal laws in the United States.
  • A vital analysis of the reform of the homicide laws
  • Criminalization of violence against women.
  • Illegal immigrants and their freedom in the US justice system.
  • Determine a critical analysis of the law of omissions liability.
  • The integrity and impact of euthanasia and how Canada sets a precedent.

2. English Literature Thesis Topics-

  • How does racism manifest itself in classic literature?
  • The use of repetition in Samuel Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’.
  • A comparison of gender roles in ‘The Miniaturist and A Doll’s House.’
  • Discuss the misery of women in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’
  • The significance of Steppenwolf in postmodern American literature.
  • Literary methods in The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
  • Review the perception first introduced in The Moonstone.
  • Themes of social equality in modern literature.
  • Terror in The Picture of Dorian Gray.
  • Medieval elements in Charlotte Bronte’s works.

3. Criminal justice thesis topics-

  • Use of artificial intelligence for forensic investigation.
  • Research the reforms of the United States criminal justice system.
  • Introduce strategies for improving the juvenile detention system.
  • Criminal behaviour at a young age and its implications for the future.
  • What are the possible alternatives forms of incarceration?
  • Training of sniffer dogs.
  • A study of college violence.
  • Recommend ways to prevent crimes in schools.
  • The legal significance of medical marijuana legalization.
  • Ethics of criminal justice: the question of confidentiality.

4. Sociology thesis topic ideas-

  • Study the challenges of the US LGBT community. 
  • Research causes of minority bias in the United States.
  • The impact of religion on people’s attitude towards race.
  • Social activism against gender bias in the 21st century.
  • Bias towards transgender studies.
  • The effect of social assistance in schools on a child’s future.
  • The similarity of women’s rights in Western and Middle Eastern Countries.
  • Study the preservation of culture in American Immigrant Families.
  • Evaluating scholarship policies in the United States.
  • Comparing the outcomes of public vs private education.

5. Architecture thesis ideas-

  • Revolution of urban design in the 21st century.
  • The architectural history of Seattle.
  • Urban greening and its influence on building design.
  • Use of computer visuals in architecture.
  • Review the trends in modern furniture design.
  • The history of architecture in the United States urban areas: the study of New York.
  • The history of Moscow Avant-Grande.
  • What are the implications of inclusive architecture?
  • Renewable energy in home design.
  • Conduct a study of family home design.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why do Students need Thesis Help?

Writing a thesis paper is not a smooth job, and a student always looks for guidance and help in writing a thesis paper which leads them to search for thesis help online. However, there are specific reasons students look for platforms to assist them in writing assignments or thesis. The foremost reason is when the student is unable to choose a topic. Students can also not structure a thesis paper, so they seek help. Even when the students cannot conduct proper research, they will seek thesis writing help. 

2. What is a good Thesis Topic?

A good thesis topic should be clear to avoid confusion, be clear and concise, and have a single meaning. If your topic is too broad, this will quickly become clear when you attempt to write your thesis paper or thesis statement. The reader must know what to expect when reading your thesis.

3. How should you choose the Aussie Assignment Helper?

Below we have composed some of the reasons why you should choose us-

  • Expert level assistance- we at Aussie assignment helpers are a team of well-qualified, experienced experts who can help and assist in various specialized subjects and topics. You can ask for any specific subject help or any academic help.
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  • Helping develop a proper thesis structure- we know that every university follows guidelines for which students need to write the academic paper. If some students cannot understand the structure of the thesis paper, they can contact us, and we can provide a well-formatted structure.
  • On-time submission- time is precious for a student, and we understand this, so we provide timely assistance in providing information so that you can submit your academic paper on time.

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