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Nowadays, colleges and universities have boosted the level of education a step ahead by including some realistic practices. These approaches can help students learn real-life experiences that any book cannot teach. Assignments are the new way universities have introduced to make a student learn new approaches to learning practical things. Assignments can be written on any subject and any realistic topic. However, daily, colleges are making numerous changes in how students write assignments.

Moreover, they are also focusing on introducing different topics other than the basic subjects. However, some students are capable enough to handle the assignment submission task on their own, while others need to take guidance from various educational sites that provide assignment help service. Although writing an assignment on any subject or topic is not as easy a job as it might seem, it requires in-depth knowledge and expertise in that particular area. Also, you will need to conduct thorough research to have a well-written assignment. 

If we talk about an assignment, you might have heard a thesis word related to it; a thesis is a statement or paper introduced in the assignment’s first paragraph. A thesis statement usually describes the main topic to the reader. However, writing a thesis paper is equally challenging as writing a research or any other assignment. That is why students also seek thesis writing services from different educational platforms that provide online assignment help on thesis writing or any other assignment help. If you are looking for a similar platform that can guide and support you with your thesis writing assignment, then don’t worry. We are here to help you.

What is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement or thesis writing is crucial to your whole assignment. Or we can state that this is the part the reader is more likely to pay attention to, so it becomes necessary to write it carefully. Students can sometimes write the whole assignment quickly but find the thesis part tough to write. As an assignment help service provider, it is our responsibility to make you understand the concept of thesis writing or thesis paper writing and give you the direction on how to write a thesis statement. 

The primary focus of a thesis statement is to let your reader know what your assignment paper revolves around and what they can expect from the rest of your writing. It also helps the reader better understand your topic’s context and scope. Another benefit of thesis statements is that they will make it easier to search for a particular topic, especially in terms of academic papers or research papers, or thesis papers. This can be understood with an example- suppose you are writing a thesis paper on your own, then you will have to look for other papers as evidence and sources. You can scan the thesis statement of various papers to see a match for your topic. 

The thesis statement is situated at the beginning of the assignment paper, in the opening paragraph, which makes it a meaningful way to start a paper. However, it is not necessary to include the thesis statement in the first line of your paragraph. Instead, you want to grab your reader’s attention in the opening sentence before explaining your central idea in the first paragraph. Moreover, a thesis statement is often confused with a topic sentence, the first sentence in a paragraph, because both introduce the core idea of what follows.

What Should You Include In A Thesis Statement?

Thesis statements are a necessary part of dissertation writing and research paper writing, but different types of thesis statements have different writing formats. Moreover, universities set specific guidelines for writing and submitting an assignment, making it even more difficult for students to accomplish the task, so they need an assignment helper to guide them in fulfilling the guidelines. Below we have discussed how you can write a thesis statement for some common types of papers. 

Writing a thesis statement for expository and argumentative essays-

Argumentative and expository essays are some of the common types of thesis papers. These are not based on formal abstracts like research papers, so they depend on thesis statements to provide an overview. The language used in argumentative and expository essays should be strong, and you will need to take a stand right in the opening to let your readers understand what the rest of the paper will exhibit. 

Moreover, the thesis statements for both essays should be specific and include minor hints for the rest of the paper. It is not sufficient to explain your point in a sentence; you must provide some essential evidence to explain the whole picture. However, if your assignment is divided into different categories, you must fit them into the thesis statement. However, you don’t need to mention details, but it will be good to highlight the different sections at the top. 

Writing a thesis statement for persuasive essays-

Persuasive essays also follow similar guidelines to argumentative and expository essays, including specific detail writing, strong language, and highlighting the subtopics. The only difference is that argumentative and expository essays define facts and persuasive essays define explicit opinions. However, the format is the same, and the opinions are usually treated like facts, consisting of conclusive language and sourcing references and evidence to support your claim. 

Moreover, unlike other essays, it is suitable to develop emotional connections in persuasive essays. Moreover, this can be a clever move to start the essay on a more personal note. 

Writing a thesis statement for compare and contrast essays-

Writing a thesis statement for compare and contrast essays can be challenging as you have two topics to cover. The writing format and guidelines are similar to all the above essays, but the only thing you need to remember is that you need to give equal attention to both topics. 

Your thesis statement should indicate what is written in the rest of your paper. Suppose your essay focuses more on focusing and contracting, then your thesis statement should focus more on similarities and differences. Sometimes it helps to provide specific examples, but it would be great if you keep it simple and brief. 

How to Write a Thesis Statement? Simple Steps to Get Thesis Statement Help:

Now that you have cleared your thoughts on a thesis statement and what type of essays you can include, let’s move on to the writing part of the thesis statement. Below are some simple steps to assist you in writing a thesis statement.

Choose the best topic for your essay-

Writing a thesis statement is impossible if you do not know the topic, so your first step should be choosing an appropriate topic. However, many colleges already assign a topic to the students, making the writing part more accessible. If not, you need to work on choosing the topic, but before that, consider some specific things. Go for a subject that you find interesting or for which you are passionate. Even if you don’t have much knowledge about it, you will get to learn more as soon as you start writing. 

Keep your topic narrow to avoid too long and broad essays; try to keep it specific. However, remember that the topic is not so specific that you cannot find anything to write or too long. In addition, also keep in mind that you have enough reliable sources and evidence to use in your research.

Start with a question-

You should develop an initial thesis, also called a working thesis. As soon as you choose your topic, the next step you need to work out is what you want to explain about the topic. A straightforward thesis statement will give your essay direction and structure. Although you might have a question in your assignment, if not, then you need to develop it on your own. 

Write your initial answer-

After some research, you can work on some tentative answers to the questions. At this point, it can be simple and should guide research and writing. 

Develop your answer-

In this stage, you will need to consider why this is your answer and how you will convince the readers to agree with you. As long as you read more about the topic and start writing, your answer should get more detailed. 

Refining your thesis statement-

A strong thesis statement should be able to tell the reader what they will learn from your essay and the critical points of your argument. The final thesis statement should summarize your overall argument or the entire topic you are going to explain. 

Polishing your thesis statement-

Your thesis statement won’t be ready for submission on the first attempt, and you will need to refine, revise, edit and add many elements. Also, remember that the core elements of a thesis statement include strong language, specific details, and subtopics. Try to plot out your supporting argument and let your ideas flow.

Tips for Writing a Good Thesis Statement:

  • Be Particular– The essay should be based on a specific argument, so you need to check your thesis statement to look if the central idea of your writing is too uncertain. Try to refine your argument to be more specific.
  • Make a Clear Argument– according to some guidelines; you need to write a paper within limited parameters and a prescribed framework that makes you add limited arguments to your thesis. Here it would be best if you include the arguments that are acceptable in the first place. For this, the technique of early drafting is helpful.
  • Take a Firm Stand– when writing your thesis statement, you need to ask yourself whether it is the statement that can be argued or not. Most essays will require you to take a stand, not make an observation. So design your thesis that depicts a unique perspective.
  • Question Your Assumptions– while formulating your thesis statement, ask yourself what assumptions your argument is based on. Simply put, what your readers assume to be confirmed before they begin to accept your argument.
  • Do not Hide Your Thesis– please remember that your statement should come near the beginning of your essay and appear by the end of your first paragraph. However, the exact position depends on how much introduction your specific essay requires.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Why do you need thesis writing help?

Thesis writing is a tough assignment that cannot be completed without the guidance and support from an assignment expert. The topics are tough to select, and the research needs thorough knowledge and experience. However, students also need dissertation help because they do not understand the difference between thesis and dissertation writing. The whole process of thesis assignment writing needs time, knowledge, and dedication. Some students are far away from this field, so they need a platform to guide them from the beginning. Aussie assignment helper is the right platform that provides assignment help service in various fields and subjects. 

2. How can Aussie Assignment Helper Assist?

We at Aussie assignment helper are a team of experts and experienced personality that helps students with their assignment writing tasks. We provide the below services-

  • Research- we conduct in-depth research on the topic and gather all the relevant information. The information is genuine; students can include it in their assignments as we also provide references and sources from which we find the facts and data.
  • Plagiarism-free content- we do not believe in duplicate content; no matter how difficult it is to find information on a specific topic, we conduct proper research and provide plagiarism-free data that students can include in their assignments. Moreover, we do understand the university guidelines clearly.
  • 24*7 service- students can contact us anytime they want; we are available 24*7 for them. They can ask questions and clear their doubts with the help of online chatting. Our team will clear their doubts at that time without any delay.
  • Timely submission- from the day a student asks for an assignment help service, our team starts working from that moment. We try to provide all the related information timely so that you can write it down and submit it on time.

Academic writing is a challenging task, and we understand this better. We can assure you that quality information is well-researched and can be used in your assignment.

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